A new finish and a special announcement!

Good afternoon everyone Smile

I hope you are all feeling well and enjoying some form of crafting today!

Some of you will remember this patchwork top I made a little while back during my pinwheel addiction 😆 Well, I’ve just got around to finishing the quilting and binding this afternoon. Click here if you want to see the original post showing the individual pinwheels.





I love the spotty binding!


It’s fairly dull and dreary here today so the photos are also quite dark but I’m sure you get the idea. There are still a couple of pinwheel quilt tops waiting in the wings (my storage box) to be quilted. I’m sure it won’t be long before I simply have to finish another one.

Now, for my special announcement…..drum roll pleeeese!

I have some news, exciting news for me!! I have a new blog. I’ve been thinking for some time that this patchwork and quilting blog was becoming a mixture of all of my favourite crafts which was not the original intention at all.

So…..I’ve created another blog for “all things NOT patchwork and quilting” and you can find it here.

It will take me a while to get it all nice and organised the way I want it to be but if you want to take a look, there’s another new finished project for you to see over there.

You’ve all been so wonderful over the last year and a half, leaving lots of lovely comments and sending emails, not to mention “following”. So I’d love it if you would “follow” me on my new blog too. My new blog is in no way a substitution for Oh Sew Tempting, it’s just a way for me to keep this one exactly as the title suggests….all things patchwork and quilting. Oh Sew Tempting will still be here as usual. Have you noticed I haven’t mentioned the name of the new blog yet? Ha-ha! You’ll just have to go and find out.

I hope you won’t be able to resist Smile

I’m linking up with Woolhogs for the monthly Made it Challenge. Always worth a visit!!

Have fun,

Avis x


Three for the price of one…..sounds good to me!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Without further ado, I really need to welcome all my new followers this week, many of whom have found my blog via Claire, my wonderful cross-stitch friend in France. I know you are all waiting for the Mystery Stitch Along and I hope you can wait patiently for just a few more days 🙂 I’m very excited about it as I’ve never organised a SAL before and I know there are already several people signed up. Hopefully, Claire will correct me if I make mistakes 🙂

The SAL will be open to everyone, the more the merrier. I would absolutely LOVE IT if some of you could maybe try blackwork for the very first time with us. You have 12 days to sort out a piece of fabric to stitch on. Any cross stitch fabric will be suitable. My preference is for 14 count aida fabric but you can choose. My design is about 60 stitches square so make sure your fabric is big enough. Also, you will need some embroidery floss. Traditionally, blackwork was stitched in black, I bet you hadn’t guessed that already 😉 You can stitch in one colour, or if you prefer, a selection of colours. Some of Claire’s SAL members have used variegated threads and they look lovely too. We will be stitching with only one thread, unlike cross stitch where we would normally use two threads at once. I will provide the chart for my design FREE of charge. So, there is something for nothing! Don’t you just love that idea? I will reveal stages of the chart every Friday and there will be about an hour of stitching per week if you want to keep up 🙂 You can send photos of your work in progress to me (email address at the right of the page) and I’ll open, and regularly update, a stitchers gallery. So, watch this space……only 12 days to go!

A couple of my previous blackwork finishes are here and here so now you know what to expect 🙂

In the meantime, I declare another quilt finished 😀 Yesterday, I decided I would quilt whichever work in progress was at the top of the box of patchwork waiting to be quilted.


I’ve named this one Picnic Pinwheels because the fabrics are the colours of the most beautiful flowers in the garden and the size, at 54″ square, is perfect for a picnic rug. I made the quilt top about a year ago at the same time as I made this one and this one. They are all from the same layer cake by Moda called Santorini. Not one scrap of the layer cake is left. I like to challenge myself to leave no scraps. I love the colours and the bold prints which I cooled down by teaming them with my most adorable Moda Bella solids.


I know I make a lot of pinwheels but look at them. How can I cure this addiction? Do I really want to be cured? Nah! I think my Picnic Pinwheels could be the eye candy in my conservatory for the next few months. I’ll be spending a lot of time here, sewing in the glorious daylight, hopefully hand stitching the binding of many more quilts (still my favourite pastime ever!!).


So, don’t forget to sort out your fabric and embroidery thread. Be there or be square a week come Friday 🙂

Have a wonderful crafty week! I’m linking to the Made It Challenge over at Woolhogs. Pop over and take a peek at all the goodies made by other bloggers this month 🙂

Avis x

Next up, the teal version!

Hello to all my lovely fellow bloggers and readers from all around the world. Isn’t the world wide web wonderful for linking us all together?

My pinwheel bug has mutated…..into the Trip Around the World Bargellow-ish bug. It’s quite a serious illness which makes people repeat things.

It’s quite a serious illness which makes people repeat…….. ha-ha only joking 😉

As you’ve already seen two of these here and here, I won’t comment much further. This version is just two of the previous ones side by side. I quite like the effect.

ImageThe colours are white with robins egg, turquoise and teal from light to dark. I couldn’t decide which way around I preferred to look at it so both photos are included. I haven’t made two tops!


Hopefully I will now recover and do something different. I have a SAL to catch up on here. Come and join in the fun 🙂

Happy Thursday,

Avis x

I’m feeling blue!

Hello everyone. Happy Wednesday to you all 🙂

No, I’m not really feeling blue in that sense at all. I’m actually very happy now that Spring has finally arrived. Sunshine, blue skies and birds singing in the garden. Hurray!!

Today was the perfect day to try two design ideas rolled into one. I’ve been wanting to try these for ages. Bargello and Trip Around the World. This quilt top doesn’t strictly conform to either pattern in the purest sense but I’ve had a lot of fun trying out some ideas and I think the result works. I’m loving blue at the moment…. and purple and red and green and….the sunshine coming through the windows.


This quilt will have a blue binding. I’m not sure how I want to quilt it yet so it’ll be neatly put away in the box while I have a think about it. That could take a while.

I’m linking with WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced.

I wonder whether you will be trying anything new this week…..

I’m off to take a look now.

Avis x

Look at the size of it now!

Hi everybody 🙂

Now my parents’ house move has been successfully completed, things should begin to return to normal again here. Thank you to everyone who watched and waited and sent us good wishes. It has been a long haul but the most important part is done.

The house move took priority over everything else and so now, I have time to share birthday presents from last month along with more updates on some works in progress.

Photo removed.

The card is from one of my wonderful blog reader friends. How appropriate is that design? The blackwork goodies and pinking shears were from my lovely sister and the fabric shears and quilting book were from my other half 😀 My daughter bought me a subscription for the digital version of an American quilting magazine, a brilliant way to subscribe without the shipping costs! What a lucky girl I am 😀 The book boasts a smart way to make kaleidoscope pattern quilts but I’m not sure I’d use the suggested method as it involves a lot of wasted fabric, probably bits that are too small and pointy to use for anythiing else. My motto is “I pay for every square centimetre, so I need to use every square centimetre”. I’ll reserve proper judgement until I’ve made a block or two. Believe it or not I didn’t have any fabric scissors before getting these ones. I don’t know how I managed before! And I now have loads of ideas for using those pinking shears 😀

As you can see, the new blackwork kit is waiting in the queue for my embroidery frame. Yes, I could buy another frame but then I’d have two embroidery projects on the go and I can’t have that 😉 So, I’ll finish the Bothy Threads Narrow boat first. Here is a progress check 🙂


I also have to thank my lovely friend Claire who sent me these! I arrived home exhausted after the house moved on Friday and these little lovelies were in my letter box. The surprise  made my day! So to Claire “Merci beaucoup” 🙂


I love hand stitched cards…..and those buttons are perfect for……my purple and blue quilted bag.


I’ve been looking for a button for this bag without success and I’m delighted to add this  painted one. As you can see, it isn’t sewn on yet. The two smaller ones will be used in other projects. My other bags are here if you want to see them.

My crocheted ripple blanket is coming along very nicely. Look at the size of it now! You can also see that we have had a bit of snow again…..that must be because I’ve just booked a camping holiday he-he. It looks like we are in for a chilly time so I’d better get this blanket finished 🙂


and two more photos of scrumdiddlyumptiousness. Thanks to Roald Dhal for the adjective 😉



I do like a nice roly poly blanket 🙂

Now, as we are (I am) having a bit of a purple fix, I thought you might like to see my Caithness Glass paperweights.


Most of them were bought at the factories in Wick, on the north coast of Scotland, and Oban on the west coast where we saw them made. Actually, the car park at the Wick factory was the only place my beloved old campervan ever broke down. I didn’t want to leave there either 😉

I’ve just realised it’s getting towards dinner time. What’s for dinner? This….


I’m not totally sure what is in it other than beef, vegetables and sliced potatoes on the top. It was made by my OH yesterday while I was unpacking boxes with my sister, so this is a photo of it cold. I’m sure it will be delicious reheated and teamed up with Yorkshire puddings  😀

Finally, I have a confession! A lovely reader, a few weeks ago, nominated my blog for an award and I decided to leave my acceptance post until later. Then, everything at this end became very busy and I still haven’t posted about it. Now I can’t find the nomination!! I have put the images of all the accepted awards down the right hand side of the page so I know it isn’t those ones. If you nominated me for different ward, please let me know when it was so I can find it and accept gracefully. Apologies again to that very kind person 🙂

So, these are my only WIPs except for my Under the Sea applique project, also here and here. I hope to be right back into the quilting groove very soon so watch this space 🙂

Have a fun weekend!

Avis x

Every cloud…..

Hello everyone 🙂

It’s time for another reveal!

This time it is my variation on chevrons quilt. You may remember the quilt top I made last year.


Well, I decided in my infinite wisdom (not) that it would be a great idea to put a scrappy binding on this one. The reason was that the design was meant to use up an entire charm pack, no scraps. So I split the pack into darks and lights, teamed the lights with blue strip borders and the darks with ivory strip borders. Because of the numbers of darks and lights, I had three blue border strips and three ivory ones. A lack of symmetry!!! Oh no! Already overcome by the “lack of symmetry shakes”, I decided not to worry because the idea of using all the charm pack was still being adhered to. I also have an aversion to having leftover scraps, you see 🙂 So the scrappy border seemed like a good idea at the time. Wrong!!

Here is what it looked like after completely sewing by machine to the front and having about a quarter hand stitched to the back.


I really didn’t like it and I thought long and hard about frogging the whole binding. I was a bit miffed that I’d wasted the time making the binding and then got so far before deciding to take stock. I decided there was no way I could live with the binding and it would have to go. So, I frogged it this morning and attached a new one. That’s better 🙂


So, the alternating strip borders were the root of the problem. I thought a scrappy binding would blend well but it completely fought against the rest of the design. I quilted all over with a sort of elongated figure of eight squiggle in rows.


Every cloud has a silver lining, so they say 😀

Have a lovely day,

Avis x

Rain, rain, go away! and four little lovelies!

Hi everyone! Happy weekend to you all 🙂

Hopefully, if you are celebrating Christmas next week, you will soon be able to put your feet up after completing all of the very necessary preparations 😉

I’ve had such a busy week that I haven’t been able to think about Christmas as my Mum has had a bit of a flood in her house. We managed to contain it to a tile floored area of the house but there were a couple of inches deep of water which needed constant mopping to fight the latest weather here in the UK. We kept repeating to each other that we were fortunate not to have worse flooding as many homes in the UK have been evacuated for the fourth time since September. Mum is in her 80’s so she has found it all a bit too much to cope with. I don’t remember rain like this in my lifetime. The water table is so high that even a shower is flooding major routes. Today, the rain has been lighter and the wind has changed direction and strength, so we have had time to get outside and put temporary defences in place ready for the next time. We have more heavy rain due over the next few days so fingers are crossed that it stays on the correct side of the doors this time!

I did, however, get time to make the label for an I-Spy quilt for my Great Niece. I made a red one and a blue one last year as we didn’t know whether her Mummy was having a baby girl or a boy. Well, Dani will soon be one year old and she will finally be getting her I-Spy quilt from Santa very soon 😉 I hope she likes it! There are lots of animals and brightly coloured patterns so she can play I-Spy with her parents when she is a little older.



I love the rainbow thread wiggly quilting which shows up so well on the reverse. I think Dani might want to follow the line with her finger 🙂


The only part I did this week was the label.


And here is the first of my four little lovelies today,  Dani…..having just found her treat in my sister’s handmade Advent calendar 🙂


Three more little lovelies delivered by the postie this week are hanging on my Christmas tree. Do you recognise them?


Well, these two were made and sent to me by Claire in France. You can find many more that she made here with instructions on how to make them.  Her blog is well worth a visit. Claire posts about cross-stitch and many other sewing projects including patchwork and quilting, as well as sharing tales about her cats and dog. There’s something for everyone. Go and see for yourselves.



Do you see the little red berries in the photo above? Two of them have been nibbled by a mouse in my garage where we store the decorations. There was also a pile of sunflower seed husks just outside the box. Looks like little mousie has been collecting from the bird table too!

Last but not least, my final little lovely 🙂


This snowflake pinwheel blew all the way from Crete 😀 It is the creation of  Teje who writes a great blog about her sewing projects, knitting and crochet. She is often joined by her assistants, two dogs and a cat. You can find the pinwheels here. The rest of Teje’s blog is full of lovely ideas with beautiful sunny photographs. So if you would like to warm up this winter, pop over for a browse.

As soon as we have a day with some reasonable daylight, I will photograph and post about my latest finished project. Hopefully there will also be some time to sew this weekend.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my previous scarf post, where you saw my knitting for the first time. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas around the world. Also, I wish for you and your families, a very happy, healthy new year 😀

Best wishes,

Avis x



Me SHOUTING? Well that doesn’t work either!

I’ll get straight to the point and then move on and be done with this…..and sorry, in advance, for this text-heavy rant to all of my lovely readers.

Over recent weeks, I have found several breaches of copyright from my blog and the latest one has really upset me 😦

I made it very clear and politely wrote in my copyright paragraph, that yes, I am happy to share , otherwise what is the point of putting all of my own hard work up here on the internet.  I requested people should ask me first if they want to copy content which includes pinning (some people think pinning isn’t copying). In other words if you don’t ask, you are breaching my copyright. Anyway, pinning is only the tip of the iceberg as far as the latest breach is concerned and whatever happened to “bookmarking” and “favourites” anyway? Several of my images have been “borrowed” in the night and then reproduced elsewhere. I’m talking 20 to 30 images at a time and this has now happened many times. These people mean business!

Maybe you’ll agree with me, maybe you won’t but that makes no difference to my copyright. I’ll outline what happened to me and you can decide for yourselves. I won’t name the culprit as the issue, from my point of view, is over (for now).

Anyway, I “found” one of my tutorials on another blog. All of the photos were mine, the design images drawn up with my software were mine. My photo tutorials are pretty self explanatory, I’m told, but being aware that some people prefer words for the fine detail, I always include them. My words had been changed (badly).

I thought about contacting the blog provider as their terms and conditions warn that blogs will be shut down if copyright is breached. I really thought hard about this, particularly as other content on the same blog is obviously copied from other sources. But you know what? I’m really not a nasty person and I felt that it would just make me even more upset about what had happened if I didn’t give the person the opportunity to change their ways. I’ve been through all the excuses in my head. They may not understand the rules, they may not have read my copyright, they may have meant no harm….even to the point that surely I should be flattered that someone thought my tutorial was so good that they wanted to copy it. But it was my hard work….that was the bottom line. Also, the terms and conditions of all of the blog providers, pinterest etc. make it clear to account holders that they are personally liable for breaches of copyright. If they don’t read or understand them, liability is vicarious.

Anyway, I emailed the blogger….no reply. I then left a comment on their blog politely requesting the removal of my work and they responded saying they were sorry I was offended and they had removed my photos and design. I wasn’t offended, just violated, but I accept that could have been lost in translation. You see, benefit of the doubt given again.

Yesterday, I changed my copyright again in an attempt to make it even more clear that copying is not allowed. Should I really have to spell it out?

Low and behold, Pinterest struck again overnight. Permission sought? No! Exasperation! JUST ASK FIRST! More form filling for me….like I said, Pinterest is just the tip of the iceberg.

I am now considering watermarking all of my design images and photos as I just can’t seem to get through to a very small number of bloggers. I know it would take me a lot longer to prepare my work and would spoil the look of the blog so the jury is still out. Maybe blogging is not for me after all 😦 It isn’t worth the upset.

Line drawn, enough said, move on…..until the next time.


Happy Sunday everyone, this is the real me 🙂

My lovely friend Teje strikes again! This time she has inspired me to be a bit more organised. She discussed a great idea of her own with me which I’m sure she’ll be sharing soon and I came up with a version of it that I really needed. The result is two new pages on this blog for projects that I finished in 2011 and 2012. The page links are at the top of this page. They are a sort of gallery so I can see my progress since December 2011 when my crafting attempts really took off. All of the photos will link to the original posts if you want to click on them. This will be useful for me as I often try to find something I’ve made on the blog and can’t remember which month it was. These photos will take me straight to it. Let me know what you think it and whether it was worth the effort. Sorry about the copyright-ish statement at the top. I’m a bit sensitive at the moment!

Also, here is another update, probably the last on this project before it is finished because it unlikely to drape nicely on this chair after today 😉 I’ve now got three stripes of each of the eight colours completed. There will be a total of eight repetitions when it is finished. I thought about varying the width of the stripes and I’ll need to make a final decision very soon. I hope you like it!


And finally, my fabric giveaway will be drawn tomorrow. It is easy to enter here. Good luck everyone 🙂

Time to crochet!

Avis x

Ripple blanket progress check

Hi everyone 🙂

Here is a quick update on my progress with the ripple blanket. I’ve now completed each of the eight colours twice. I’m really pleased with the 1970’s look and how fast it is growing!

Also, don’t forget to enter the giveaway here. Thank you to everyone who has already entered. I’m pleased you appreciate that I’ve made it really easy for you to have a chance of winning. We seem to be stirring up lots of happy memories together so I’m loving reading all about your favourite gifts 😀

Time to crochet!!

Avis x


WIP Report!

Happy Monday bloggers!

This is purely a progress report on my Granny Squares to keep me on my toes. I’m going to use Patch’s Whipping Method 😆 to stitch them together. I thought if I showed you, I would be more inclined to get it finished. I weighed the rest of my wool today and I reckon I’ve got enough of everything left to finish the border of diddly squares plus a further border all the way around in the dark chocolate.


If you want to see a real smasher of a crocheted blanket, go and take a look here at Patch’s cotton creation. I love the colours!!


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