Latest Chicken Run Giveaway Swap!

Hi everyone,

Just popping in to let you all know that there is a new Chicken Run Giveaway Swap being hosted by Wanda’s Life Sampler. Wanda has made a really cute chicken to send to the lucky winner. Here it is!

Wanda Dotson

I’ve also updated the gallery so you can see all the chickens in the coop so far, plus some photos sent to me by lovely crafters who just couldn’t resist making a chicken even though they didn’t win! I wonder where Wanda’s chicken will be flying off to. Maybe it will be coming to live with you!

Avis x

Look at the size of it now!

Hi everybody 🙂

Now my parents’ house move has been successfully completed, things should begin to return to normal again here. Thank you to everyone who watched and waited and sent us good wishes. It has been a long haul but the most important part is done.

The house move took priority over everything else and so now, I have time to share birthday presents from last month along with more updates on some works in progress.

Photo removed.

The card is from one of my wonderful blog reader friends. How appropriate is that design? The blackwork goodies and pinking shears were from my lovely sister and the fabric shears and quilting book were from my other half 😀 My daughter bought me a subscription for the digital version of an American quilting magazine, a brilliant way to subscribe without the shipping costs! What a lucky girl I am 😀 The book boasts a smart way to make kaleidoscope pattern quilts but I’m not sure I’d use the suggested method as it involves a lot of wasted fabric, probably bits that are too small and pointy to use for anythiing else. My motto is “I pay for every square centimetre, so I need to use every square centimetre”. I’ll reserve proper judgement until I’ve made a block or two. Believe it or not I didn’t have any fabric scissors before getting these ones. I don’t know how I managed before! And I now have loads of ideas for using those pinking shears 😀

As you can see, the new blackwork kit is waiting in the queue for my embroidery frame. Yes, I could buy another frame but then I’d have two embroidery projects on the go and I can’t have that 😉 So, I’ll finish the Bothy Threads Narrow boat first. Here is a progress check 🙂


I also have to thank my lovely friend Claire who sent me these! I arrived home exhausted after the house moved on Friday and these little lovelies were in my letter box. The surprise  made my day! So to Claire “Merci beaucoup” 🙂


I love hand stitched cards…..and those buttons are perfect for……my purple and blue quilted bag.


I’ve been looking for a button for this bag without success and I’m delighted to add this  painted one. As you can see, it isn’t sewn on yet. The two smaller ones will be used in other projects. My other bags are here if you want to see them.

My crocheted ripple blanket is coming along very nicely. Look at the size of it now! You can also see that we have had a bit of snow again…..that must be because I’ve just booked a camping holiday he-he. It looks like we are in for a chilly time so I’d better get this blanket finished 🙂


and two more photos of scrumdiddlyumptiousness. Thanks to Roald Dhal for the adjective 😉



I do like a nice roly poly blanket 🙂

Now, as we are (I am) having a bit of a purple fix, I thought you might like to see my Caithness Glass paperweights.


Most of them were bought at the factories in Wick, on the north coast of Scotland, and Oban on the west coast where we saw them made. Actually, the car park at the Wick factory was the only place my beloved old campervan ever broke down. I didn’t want to leave there either 😉

I’ve just realised it’s getting towards dinner time. What’s for dinner? This….


I’m not totally sure what is in it other than beef, vegetables and sliced potatoes on the top. It was made by my OH yesterday while I was unpacking boxes with my sister, so this is a photo of it cold. I’m sure it will be delicious reheated and teamed up with Yorkshire puddings  😀

Finally, I have a confession! A lovely reader, a few weeks ago, nominated my blog for an award and I decided to leave my acceptance post until later. Then, everything at this end became very busy and I still haven’t posted about it. Now I can’t find the nomination!! I have put the images of all the accepted awards down the right hand side of the page so I know it isn’t those ones. If you nominated me for different ward, please let me know when it was so I can find it and accept gracefully. Apologies again to that very kind person 🙂

So, these are my only WIPs except for my Under the Sea applique project, also here and here. I hope to be right back into the quilting groove very soon so watch this space 🙂

Have a fun weekend!

Avis x

Act two….Sophie the sea snail!

Happy Friday everyone 🙂

My newest resident Under the Sea can now be revealed. Here is Sophie the sea snail.

She was quite a challenge to sew with all of those curvy edges. I’m quite happy with the result. She is about 4 inches from nose to tail in real life and she doesn’t leave yukky trails everywhere like other naughty snails do 😉

I was busy at the computer this morning and realised the sun was shining outside. I just had to nip out and capture some of the Autumn colours in the garden before the wind comes and blows them all away. Look at that blue sky!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think this weekend is free soooooo……

I’ll be continuing a crocheted ripple pattern blanket which I’ve just started again because I made a bit of a mess. More about that later.  Maybe I’ll also make another creature come to life Under the Sea. I need to bake cake as WE HAVE NO CAKE 😦 and there are a couple of other sewing projects on the go which I might just dip in and out of.

Also, I must visit Teje’s blog. She has a new project to show everyone and a great tutorial coming very soon. Pop over and see crafting at its best in the Greek sunshine for yourselves 😀

I also want to thank all of you for leaving lovely comments and likes and follows and things on my blog. There is such a friendly, positive and supportive community in the blogging world and it makes me so happy to read the nice things both here and on your blogs too. Thank you very, very much!

What are all of you lovely bloggers getting up to? Crafty things I hope 🙂

See you soon,

Avis x

Enter……Sammy the Starfish!

Here is my first attempt at hand stitched applique. It is incredibly time consuming. Looks like my “Under The Sea” project will be a long term one!


Have fun! Avis x

Sneaky peek……Something fishy is going on around here!

Happy weekend everyone 🙂 I hope you have all been having a crafty time like me!

Yesterday, I worked all day on my top secret project which will be ongoing for some time yet.

Today, I started work on my Under The Sea quilty, embroidery, collage picture.

I decided to make the background first and then secured the fishes with Bondaweb. That took quite a bit of planning as I wasn’t sure about the placement and I haven’t used Bondaweb before. Then I made all the other creatures and laid them on without sticking until I was happy with the composition. That wasn’t as successful as it sounds because the pieces with the Bondaweb on the back curled up. However, it was good enough to help me make decisions. You will see that a few things have changed position from my original sketch here. I’ve also added some extra bits ‘n’ bobs for balance.

I did take photographs of all of my progress…….without the memory card in the camera. Grrrr! I even took a picture of the mess I’d made from all of the cutting and sticking. Unfortunately, you will just have to imagine those stages.

Anyway, the basics are in place. Now I can embellish, quilt and embroider to make it all come to life. My daughter gave me a box of beads a few months ago and some of them are going to make wonderful eyes for the crabs. I couldn’t resist placing a couple of them on the collage and having a little giggle. They look very cute 😀

Sew far, sew good 🙂


The colours in real life are actually a lot more intense. The photo was taken in room with very poor light.

Must go and see what all of my bloggy pals have been up to now.

Avis x

The first secret is on its way out…..

Hi everybody,

I hope you have all had some time to craft this weekend 🙂

One of my secret projects, which has been developing in my head for many months (since this post), is finally on the drawing board.

For a change I will throw away my rotary cutter, rulers and all the trappings that come with piecing patchwork to try my hand at being a little more creative, perhaps….with fabric, Bondaweb, embroidery threads, beads and my dear old 1980s Toyota machine which allows me to experiment with zig-zag stitches 😆

I started with some semi-tessellating fishes.


Then added a few extra critters and a frame.


And finally, went a bit over the top with weeds 🙂


So that is the plan! The secret project is finally under way or Under the Sea 😉 I’ll keep you posted with my progress. In the meantime if you have any tips or ideas for my project, I’m all ears.

What have you all been up to? If the answer is “Not much” then take a trip over to to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival where you can nominate your favourite quilts. I am on my way over there now!

Enjoy what is left of the weekend 🙂

Avis x


One of my lovely readers, Witchylin, has sent me a photo of a felted bag that she has made. Sew clever 😉 I love it 😀 If my design turns out as good as her bag, I’ll be well chuffed!!

Wow! Look what the postie brought today!!!

Don’t you just love surprises?

Look what arrived this morning all the way from sunny Crete 😀


Teje from Nero’s Post and Patch made these mug rugs for me. Teje has to be one of the sweetest people on this planet and she writes a wonderful blog about her sewing hobbies, her animals and more. She has entered the Blogger’s Quilt Festival with her beautiful Butterflies Quilt and has actually sent me some extra butterflies from it! Aren’t they gorgeous?

She has constructed the butterflies using the same methods as in her quilt. Here is a view of the back which I like as much as the front 🙂


My photographs don’t do them justice so you must go and take a look at the whole quilt on Teje’s blog and vote for her quilt at the Festival.

There is absolutely no way I could put a cup of tea or coffee on them. I couldn’t bear to have them stained. So I have taken a great liberty and hope Teje doesn’t mind. I haven’t mentioned that they were also beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and tied with home made tape. I’ve used the tape to make a wall-hanging for my sewing room.


Our Spring and Summer in the UK has been incredibly wet this year so we have only had a few butterflies in our garden. These have more than made up for their absence.

Thank you so much Teje 🙂 I will treasure them forever 😀

Avis x

Just rip it!

Well, I’m not the most confident artist in the land but I had a go. What’s more, I had lots of fun at the workshop for this project. It is supposed to be a machine embroidered seascape but my machine only does straight and zig-zag stitches! I wish I’d taken photos of some of the others made with more modern machines.

The teacher kept saying “Just rip it!” when she found me carefully rotary cutting pieces of fabric :-). I’m so used to precision, that I wanted a neat and tidy picture which wasn’t her idea at all. I can fully understand what she meant but I couldn’t bear to tear the fabric (and I don’t like frayed edges but she insisted, that I included some).

My sister came along too :-). She made an African style sunset (again very neat and tidy) with lots of lovely orange, red and gold batiks. Some of her embroidery was done with gold and copper tone metallic threads.

Anyway, we enjoyed the day, met lots of clever artistic people and were secretly pleased with what we had acheived for a first try. I just need to buy a frame now. I think it will have a wide cream mount and pale wood, as if it was washed in the sea.

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