I can’t put it down!


New project on the go….

I’ve been wanting to crochet a ripple pattern blanket since I finished my Granny Squares one in May. My favourite ripples are at Playing At Craft, The Lazy Crafter and Attic 24. The great thing is, Lucy at Attic 24 has written a very clear photo tutorial here which is great for beginners like me.

My yarn arrived a couple of days ago. It is Stylecraft 100% Acrylic Double Knit so it didn’t break the bank. It was actually recommended to me by the lovely Trish at Made by Patch. Her blog is well worth a look. She mainly does crochet but there are several other strings to her bow. Go and see for yourselves!

Here is my yarn. I have two of each of eight colours. Maybe there’ll be some left for other hooky magic 🙂

The pattern suggested you should try a practice piece first which turned out fine. You can see how clear Lucy’s pattern is. I shrunk the photos before printing it to save trees 🙂

All going well…so back along the other way for row 2.

I was happy with the trial run so I started the foundation chain for real. It seemed like a never ending first row. I had enough chain for 308 stitches plus 3 chains and needed to end on the correct stitch. I don’t know what I would have done if it hadn’t work out! In case you don’t know already, the ripples are formed by a series of trebles, decreases, trebles, increases then repeating all the way along. (I think trebles are doubles in the States but don’t quote me on that. )

Now the 2nd row…

Time to change colour. That will hold my interest in a big project.

Nice colours but I’m beginning to worry. I kept calm (my OH would disagree here!) and carried on. Have you spotted my reason for concern?

Maybe you can now…. The foundation chain is too tight and is causing the edge to flick up 😦

So I contacted Lucy the pattern writer…..Is this supposed to happen or should I have made a much slacker chain? If I had to start again to put it right, so be it. Within minutes Lucy advised this is a common problem. I should have done a slacker chain or used a larger hook to make it. Oh well, time to wind the wool up and start again. NO!!! That was the cry of my OH who strongly suggested I leave the first one intact and get the new one going before pulling the first one out. I wish I had his wisdom 😉 I didn’t really mind having to start again. It was only an evening’s work and I’d enjoyed doing it and getting used to the pattern.

So I started again and I hope you can see the difference. I certainly can. It was worth keeping the first one just to see the difference here 😀

Then more rows were added.

All is well that ends well so they say 🙂 Thanks to Lucy and Missy Patch again. You both did a grand job:-)

I can’t put it down!

Avis x

Bazaar or bizarre?

Good evening everyone 🙂 It’s nostalgia time again!

This time, I’d like to take you on a trip through some early 70’s crafts…… the decade of bad taste colour schemes, glam rock, leatherette, Spangles and knitted toilet roll covers. Yes, KNITTED toilet roll covers!!

I’m going to show you a knitting pattern booklet which my Mum had way back then. The booklet which I have here is another original copy which I bought on Ebay last year. Mum’s booklet was given to a charity shop a long time ago. It has been out of print for decades but there are many more editions still available. It is packed with 40 patterns for all of those “must have” household items and luxuries.

Here is the front cover. Twenty pence for 40 patterns!!

Tea cosies and egg cosies. The pink tea cosy is crocheted and the others are knitted.

Some toys……a cross-eyed lion?? The owl and the teddy are crocheted.

Funky cushions to match the psychedelic décor.

Now don’t we all  need one of these? Toilet roll covers 😆

Next up, a cuddly toy tortoise, a knitted snake draught excluder and a doll’s poncho. Sounding like The Generation Game now!

More doll’s clothes and a Granny Squares pram rug. We did love to dress our dollies in the 70’s!

And another draught excluder…..this time crocheted. I wanted one like this 🙂

More tea cosies for huge tea pots 😀

Ooooh, and now we have a hip and trendy, fab and groovy guy sporting a knitted tie. What a cool dude!

A very strange looking flat elephant and a bunny. See the bunny in the flesh yarn later 🙂

Ah now, these hats are back in fashion…..

Pram rugs, hottie covers and……..why not knit yourself a knitting bag?

Here is the back cover. Don’t you just adore those pink lacy knitted bed socks?

Seriously though, an awful lot of money was raised for charity from the ideas in these booklets. Most of the items could be made with scraps of wool that almost everyone had plenty of. I remember making the egg cosies and tea cosies when I was very young and I always wanted to make the sausage dog draught excluder but I never did. This was before the days when I taught myself how to crochet tank tops 😆

These designs really take me back in time. I bet some of the people reading this, either made items from these Bazaar booklets, or maybe had presents bought for them like these. What do you think……Bazaar or bizarre?

Here is a picture of the rabbit I mentioned earlier. I knitted it from the pattern in this book. I think it looks more like a mouse (but it doesn’t have a tail), or a Clanger. It only took a couple of hours to make. The body and legs are knitted in one piece and the dress is removable.

I had fun making it because it is ages since I’ve done any knitting. It was good to practice my pattern reading skills again 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the week!

70’s Revisited!

Hi everyone! A little nostalgia today 🙂

I bought three 100g balls of wool and a crochet hook from a lovely wool shop in Melrose in the Scottish Borders last year. We were away on a camping holiday and I just fancied doing a bit of crochet again as I hadn’t done any since the 70’s when I made a couple of tank tops. My mother wouldn’t buy me tank tops but they were the height of fashion so what was a girl supposed to do?! Well, Mum was always knitting something, so I managed to blag some of her scraps and taught myself how to crochet. No complex patterns or anything, just chains, doubles and trebles from what I can recall 🙂 The tank tops were just made up of two big rectangles for the back and front, the back was always taller than the front to form a neckline. Then another two rectangles were made to form wide shoulder straps from the top of the front, over the shoulder and joining to the top of the back. Once the pieces were stitched together, I crocheted double stitches in yet another contrasting colour all the way around the edge of the armholes and the neckline to finish. I was so hip and trendy, fab and groovy then 😆 Honestly, if I could find some photos, they’d be up here in all their glory. I’m telling you, you would need dark glasses.

Anyway, I decided to make some Granny Squares in the traditional 70’s style of contrasting colours and I showed you some of the results in my earlier post. Here is the finished result 🙂


I made a few squares while we were away but then the bag was put away in a cupboard when we returned. I don’t like having unfinished projects lying around. They are always either finished or in my head. I make things one at a time. So I was very surprised to find this bag of wool again and even more surprised to find a few ready made squares from last year. I had to finish what I’d started!


As you can see, I’ve added more squares, stitched them together and completed the chocolate border. Considering this entertainment cost me less than a fiver, I’m quite chuffed with it 🙂 I suppose it is just another form of patchwork really.


I’ve got a tiny ball of each of the cream and plum colours left and a little bit more of the chocolate. So the pattern worked out well for 300 grams of wool.

I did have it slung over the sofa but DH asked me to move it because it was hurting his eyes 😆

Night-night 🙂

WIP Report!

Happy Monday bloggers!

This is purely a progress report on my Granny Squares to keep me on my toes. I’m going to use Patch’s Whipping Method 😆 to stitch them together. I thought if I showed you, I would be more inclined to get it finished. I weighed the rest of my wool today and I reckon I’ve got enough of everything left to finish the border of diddly squares plus a further border all the way around in the dark chocolate.


If you want to see a real smasher of a crocheted blanket, go and take a look here at Patch’s cotton creation. I love the colours!!


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