Chicken Run Gallery

Hopefully you have landed on this page because you have taken part and won in the Chicken Run. If so, congratulations to you!

If not, you are welcome to browse photos of all the chickens that have been made to give away around the world. You can read all about my original idea by clicking here. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to participate in the giveaways as they come along 🙂

This is where it all started, in the North-East of England. The blue chicken went to live in Australia.


Here is the 2nd leg photo from Australia. Carla, over at Granny Maud’s Girl, made three chickens. So the winner has a choice 🙂 I wonder where the chicken will fly to this time.


Here are some chickens made by Sarah. Sadly, she didn’t win in the giveaway but made these three lovelies anyway. She just couldn’t resist!


Squarebird in the UK chose this cute little black and white chicken from Granny Maud’s Girl’s giveaway.


Squarebird made these two darlings 🙂 and sent her very smart tartan version off to the winner over at Textile Dreamer in Germany.


Here is Textile Dreamer’s gorgeous clover covered chicken. Who will win? Where will he/she be flying off to? I’ll tell you soon 🙂

My blogging friend Sarah has been making even more chickens to send to her friends. Lucky for me, she sent me some photos for the gallery. She’s made a whole “battery”! Didn’t she do well?


Here they are having a hen party 🙂



Introducing Big Martha from Germany. Thanks to Annett for sending this photo of her very sweet creation :-).



Don’t you just LOVE this one from Wanda? She went all the way to Montana to live with Sarah 🙂



Our next winner was Anne in Texas. She won Sarah’s swap over at . Anne chose this little darling from a selection of prize chickens and her blog is here!

Anne from Peacock Hill made several chickens and the winner was Stitching Grandma (Mary) in Delaware, USA. Mary chose this one from the brood 🙂 Don’t you just love that hair? Anne used a lovely quilting pattern too!

Anne 2


It looks as though the punk hairstyles have come back into fashion :-).  This next one was made by Mary and it’s heading off to Kentucky USA to live with Carla over at Dancing Moon. I can’t believe the Chicken Run is still continuing. It’s all down to you all being so generous and making a chicken to give away. The trouble is, not many of you are stopping at one chicken. We are going to be overrun with chickens soon!

Mary Stitching Grandma

Carla is going to send Carrot Leaf, the one on the right of this photo, to Annett in Germany.  Pop over to what is going on at Annett’s blog. Annett also sent a photo of a chicken she made a while ago. See “Big Martha” above 🙂

Annett made several chickens and the winner, Laura from May Rose Sewing in Oregon, USA, named this handsome rooster Mr Cluck. He will be flying long haul to the States very soon. Look out for the next leg of the Chicken Run in the New Year 2015.

Mr. Cluck

And here is Laura’s fabulous chicken. It will soon be flying off to roost in Chicago, USA. I love how she made the comb 🙂




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  1. Chickens in a nest, on the grass and in the straw. I wonder where their next photo-shoot will be?

  2. Lovely to see your chicken run gallery is growing and blooming with colourful, happy chickens 🙂

  3. very soon chickens will rule the earth ^^

  4. Hi Avis,
    The next chapter of the chicken run is on its way. I sent you an email with details!

  5. Marguerite Botkin

     /  June 14, 2022

    I would love to have a pattern for your log cabin chicken❤️ I have searched the web high and low with no luck! I even bought one on ETSY but could not get it to download☹️! They are so cute! Can you possibly help me??

    • I’m sorry this reply is late! The chickens are very easy to make. If you know how to make a log cabin block you will need two of those. The tail is just a couple of folded triangles. Youtube will help if you don’t know how to make a log cabin block. I started my blocks with a one inch square piece of fabric in the centre. All my strips started at one inch wide. Using a quarter inch wide seam throughout it’s just a case of sewing a strip to one side of the square then cutting off the excess. Then keep adding strips around and around until you get the desired size of square block. When you’ve made 2 blocks, sew together to make the chicken’s body and remember to catch the beak, comb and tail as you sew. You can use any size of square and strips of fabric depending on how big or small you’d like your chickens to be. I hope this helps.


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