A New Quilt Plus a Pinwheel Tutorial

CIMG3839This is the contents of the charm pack I used to make the pinwheels for this quilt.
CIMG3876If you haven’t made pinwheels from charm squares before, here is one method.

Put each charm square with a square of the same size of plain fabric, right sides facing.


Draw along one diagonal with a pencil.


Sew one quarter of an inch from both sides of the diagonal and through both squares.


Cut along the diagonal line.


Turn the triangles so the darker fabric is on top.


Lift the darker fabric and press away from the seam. Trim the tails.


I usually do these steps with all of my charm squares on a sort of assembly line. That is, make all of the pairs. Then draw all of the lines. Then sew all of the seams. Then do all of the pressing and so on.


Lay out so that opposite sails are the same.


Sew pairs together. Press the seams towards the patterned fabric.

Then sew the top and bottom rectangles together.


The back will look like this. It is tricky to press the last seam without getting a

lump in the middle caused by all of the layers of fabric.


Look where my pin is pointing here. Those two stitches on both sides should

be unpicked. You will then be able to press your pinwheel lovely and flat. Be

careful not to take out too many stitches. You can always take out another

one if you didn’t do enough but it won’t be easy to put it back again!


If you press it correctly, you should have a mini pinwheel in the centre.


Here’s what mine looks like on the back with all of the pressing done.


Almost finished.


You just need to to square it up now and make more.


A new finish and a special announcement!

Good afternoon everyone Smile

I hope you are all feeling well and enjoying some form of crafting today!

Some of you will remember this patchwork top I made a little while back during my pinwheel addiction 😆 Well, I’ve just got around to finishing the quilting and binding this afternoon. Click here if you want to see the original post showing the individual pinwheels.





I love the spotty binding!


It’s fairly dull and dreary here today so the photos are also quite dark but I’m sure you get the idea. There are still a couple of pinwheel quilt tops waiting in the wings (my storage box) to be quilted. I’m sure it won’t be long before I simply have to finish another one.

Now, for my special announcement…..drum roll pleeeese!

I have some news, exciting news for me!! I have a new blog. I’ve been thinking for some time that this patchwork and quilting blog was becoming a mixture of all of my favourite crafts which was not the original intention at all.

So…..I’ve created another blog for “all things NOT patchwork and quilting” and you can find it here.

It will take me a while to get it all nice and organised the way I want it to be but if you want to take a look, there’s another new finished project for you to see over there.

You’ve all been so wonderful over the last year and a half, leaving lots of lovely comments and sending emails, not to mention “following”. So I’d love it if you would “follow” me on my new blog too. My new blog is in no way a substitution for Oh Sew Tempting, it’s just a way for me to keep this one exactly as the title suggests….all things patchwork and quilting. Oh Sew Tempting will still be here as usual. Have you noticed I haven’t mentioned the name of the new blog yet? Ha-ha! You’ll just have to go and find out.

I hope you won’t be able to resist Smile

I’m linking up with Woolhogs for the monthly Made it Challenge. Always worth a visit!!

Have fun,

Avis x

Sew, sew……

Hi to all of my lovely readers and followers of this little blog 🙂 I hope all is well with you and there is plenty of Easter sunshine for you all to soak up. It is sunny here today in more ways than one.

Firstly, my pink pinwheels now have sashes and borders and the resulting quilt top is now sitting in the box labelled “To be quilted”. I’ve kept it simple and crisp with white, fit for a princess. I have to say, the sunny colours remind me of seaside candy rock, the sort which has the name of the seaside town running all the way through it. I bet that conjures up a few wonderful childhood memories for some of you.


I’ve had fun using all the different prints and rearranging the layout over and over again.


While I do that I can always think about my next project 🙂


And guess what’s happened in the garden today………

The first daffodil bud has bowed its head in the sunshine! Spring is here, Yay!!

Hopefully you will have fun in the sun this weekend too. You’ll find me at my sewing machine. Don’t want to get sun burn, do I?

Avis x

Pinwheel Profusion Tutorial

Take 40 x 5″ squares of patterned or mixed plain colours and 40 x 5″ squares

of a plain light colour.


Pair up each of the 40 light coloured squares with a darker or patterned square.


With right sides together, sew a quarter inch seam right around the edge. 


Next cut across diagonally twice to give four quarter square triangles.


Press seams towards the darker fabric.


Arrange the four pieces into a pinwheel. Make sure all of your other pinwheels

rotate the same way (unless you want a mixture).


Put right side over left side and sew pairs together, taking care to “nest” the

seams so they snuggle up next to each other.


Press the two halves by placing the dark edge at the top and lifting.


Now you need to sew these two pieces together. Remember to nest the seams.


It gets quite bulky in the middle so it is a good idea to snip the stitches on the

seam and flatten with your fingers before pressing. It is a little confusing to

know where to snip but just push the new seams with your fingers to the dark

fabric and is becomes clearer where to cut. You should get a little pinwheel on

the back. How cute is that?


Here is one I made ealier…..


This one is ready to be squared up to four and a half inches. 

Here are my 40 pinwheels.



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