I wonder what I could make with these. Can you help?

Here they are!  My Moda remnants. Seven half metres in all. I don’t usually go for these colours as they are so “traditional”. However,  I see it as a challenge and I’m looking for suggestions on how to “spice” them up a bit. Should I stick to a traditional pattern or go for the more modern look? Anything patchwork and quilting and only adding white and/or cream, if anything, are my rules. Go on, tell me what style or pattern you would use. Thank you 🙂 in advance. I’m waiting to be inspired.


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  1. Ooh, they’re lovely! I can’t think of anything inspiring that you haven’t done yet – you’re rather prolific! Just wanted to say thank you for the eBay link you posted before. I got sucked into a fabric choosing wormhole for a while, and in the end was too confused to choose, but have saved the link for another day 🙂

  2. No honestly, I’m not prolific. I’ve had my quilt tops made for ages and I’ve managed to quilt and bind a couple in the holiday period. So it just looks llike I’ve done a lot 🙂 I’m back to work tomorrow so things are really going to slow down in quilting blogland for a few weeks!

  3. I’d be tempted to do something like a Storm at Sea block with those and some white. Or maybe some Winding Ways blocks with a spring theme — so the leaves/grass is going from faint green to dark green as the summer wears on.

  4. Ooh, both ideas sound fantastic. Much more artistic than I’d ever have thought of. I’m off to research the blocks you mentioned. Many thanks for the inspiration. Watch this space 🙂 Avis x


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