Hmmm……This one is ready to go but…..

I’ve just got this one loaded onto the frame but I can’t decide how to quilt it so I’m taking a break and I’ll go back to it tomorrow. I know I’m going to use a gorgeous Nature Colors thread called Sea Foam 🙂

The colours are bright and fresh and the background is a buttery cream, not as light as in the photo. This is one of three quilt tops I made from the same layer cake. It is called Santorini by Moda and, yes, it was another bargain. I think I paid about £18 for it. I cut the layer cake squares in half twice to get four 5″ x 5″ squares from each 10″ x 10″ square then made half square triangles with the cream using a chain sewing method. 

One of the others from the same layer cake is this one. I love pin-wheels and I like to separate them with sashes. This one has a white background and little squares from the same layer cake.

I have also made a disappearing nine-patch quilt top but need to take another photo of it! I can’t find it in my clever?? filing system! Actually, I wonder if it is still in the camera………..I’m off to find out!

Yey!! I found them. I’m including a couple of close ups as well.

And here’s how bright the colours really are……

anf finally…

So there we are, all three from one layer cake (not a scrap left), plus the white or cream. These were all really easy to put together.  Just need to get them finished now:-) I’ve just remembered, I also made my daughter a cover for her Kindle from her two favourite squares, so it was four items altogether.

My favourite part is hand stitching the binding to my quilts. I suppose it is the finishing touch. Does anyone else like binding?

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  1. I love these colours – and pinwheels too! I like binding too 🙂

  2. thedancingsquirrels

     /  January 7, 2012

    Hi! I LOVE those colors. I like how you put the triangles in the corners on the first one. Very cool!

  3. I have to admit I have a really hard time making myself get my binding done. My quilts lay around in a pile for a long time while I talk myself into finishing the binding.

  4. Jen

     /  January 8, 2012

    Great looking quilts. Cheery colors. I enjoy putting the top together and seeing it joined rather then little blocks everywhere.

  5. These quilts are really lovely. I think I am going to enjoy hand stitching too, although i think that’s a bit of a way off yet! Thanks for stopping by my blog, Lx

  6. Teje

     /  February 11, 2012

    These quilts are so beautiful! I love pinwheeles and dissapp.9patches and your colours are so wonderful! x Teje

    • Aw! Thank you very much. I live on the north east coast of England which at times can have bright blue skies (like yours) but crisp wintry frosts. Sometimes it is quite grey for days. So I love working with bright colours 🙂 I also love Nero’s thoughtful poses too!! Wish I had a dog but work gets in the way 😦

  7. I love the colours and the three quilts you managed to make out of one layer cake. Well done for getting your corners to match up (I’m still working on my corners).
    Loving your blog.


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