Were you correct?

Happy Saturday everyone!

Did you guess what the mystery embroidery was in my last post? Here is another little teaser in case you didn’t. I bet you know now. Scroll down for the big reveal!


Here it is in all its glory Smile.


Every time I look at it I find another embroidery style or beads that I’d missed before.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend Smile.

Avis x


A bit of a pain!

Happy Friday everyone!

I knew I was taking a bit of a risk, starting to quilt with what seemed to be insufficient thread but where’s the fun if there’s no risk?

So guess what…….

Correct! I ran out of thread 😆

I deliberately chose to use thread that I knew I could get more of quickly if I needed to, so I’m not too disappointed really. It was worth a try.

So here it is, partly quilted and now waiting on the table to start again as soon as the postie calls 🙂


I’ve chosen to keep the quilting simple as I didn’t want to obscure the strong geometric pattern. I’ve broken the tradition of quilting an Irish Chain with straight diagonal lines. I suppose I just like curves really.

I was hoping to get the binding done over the weekend. It’ll just have to wait. Oh what a shame. I might just have to start something else 😉

I hope you all have a fabulous crafty weekend!

Avis x

Hmmm……This one is ready to go but…..

I’ve just got this one loaded onto the frame but I can’t decide how to quilt it so I’m taking a break and I’ll go back to it tomorrow. I know I’m going to use a gorgeous Nature Colors thread called Sea Foam 🙂

The colours are bright and fresh and the background is a buttery cream, not as light as in the photo. This is one of three quilt tops I made from the same layer cake. It is called Santorini by Moda and, yes, it was another bargain. I think I paid about £18 for it. I cut the layer cake squares in half twice to get four 5″ x 5″ squares from each 10″ x 10″ square then made half square triangles with the cream using a chain sewing method. 

One of the others from the same layer cake is this one. I love pin-wheels and I like to separate them with sashes. This one has a white background and little squares from the same layer cake.

I have also made a disappearing nine-patch quilt top but need to take another photo of it! I can’t find it in my clever?? filing system! Actually, I wonder if it is still in the camera………..I’m off to find out!

Yey!! I found them. I’m including a couple of close ups as well.

And here’s how bright the colours really are……

anf finally…

So there we are, all three from one layer cake (not a scrap left), plus the white or cream. These were all really easy to put together.  Just need to get them finished now:-) I’ve just remembered, I also made my daughter a cover for her Kindle from her two favourite squares, so it was four items altogether.

My favourite part is hand stitching the binding to my quilts. I suppose it is the finishing touch. Does anyone else like binding?

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