Another Happy Dance

Hi everyone,

Ta-daaaaa! Here are some photos of my finished quilt which I promised to share with you the other day. I hope you like it.

f2f Finished

If you visit and read this blog regularly you will know that I’ve been participating in a block swap with eleven other ladies who live all over the world. The swap, called Foot Square Freestyle, was organised by Kate and Sue. We were asked to choose a colour scheme for the blocks we’d like to receive and I chose bright blues and purples.

My original plan was to set the blocks on point but the quilt would have been way too big. My finished quilt has turned out to be a very usable 82 inches square. I tried to achieve a stained glass window appearance by adding the thin black sashing and broad frame. I’m really happy with the overall effect.

The backing is a rich purple print and the quilting is simple, so as not to obliterate the strong lines of the blocks. I wanted this quilt to be squishy and snuggly because it is going to be used.

Backing f2f

Here are a few photos showing each quadrant.

Quadrant 1 f2f

Quadrant 2 f2f

Quadrant 3 f2f

Quadrant 4 f2f

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers, Kate and Sue, and all of the other ladies who sent me these beautiful blocks. I couldn’t have made this without you. It has been so much fun to be part of this group. I’ve already made my final blocks to send all the way to Australia, so apart from tidying up a few loose ends on my own quilt, that’s me done. I look forward to seeing all of the other F2F quilts as they appear in the gallery during the coming months.

Come on ladies, if you’ve received all of your blocks, make a run for the finish line. It feels so good to be Happy Dancing again 🙂

Bank Holiday?

I hope you are all outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine on this gorgeous Bank Holiday weekend 🙂

Me? No, I’ve been working jolly hard. I’ve taken more photos for my pincushion tutorial which has now been re-written and published….maybe that is over stating it a little bit. Well, OK, I’ve put it on Etsy. Everyone was so positive about it when I first posted the tutorial, so I felt duty-bound to do something with it. We all have to earn a crust somehow! I’m also going to list the sewing kit pattern very soon. I know a lot of bloggy friends sell things on Etsy but I haven’t really made the most of it so here goes. I’ll give it a shot, nothing ventured nothing gained, so they say. Wish me luck!

If anyone knows any other outlets for this sort of thing, I’d be pleased to give them a try too 🙂 Where do you sell things?

Before I go, here’s a bit more of my French Braid quilt top. I just threw it over the sofa so it is a bit crumpled! I hope you like it 🙂


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