Act two….Sophie the sea snail!

Happy Friday everyone 🙂

My newest resident Under the Sea can now be revealed. Here is Sophie the sea snail.

She was quite a challenge to sew with all of those curvy edges. I’m quite happy with the result. She is about 4 inches from nose to tail in real life and she doesn’t leave yukky trails everywhere like other naughty snails do 😉

I was busy at the computer this morning and realised the sun was shining outside. I just had to nip out and capture some of the Autumn colours in the garden before the wind comes and blows them all away. Look at that blue sky!!!

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I think this weekend is free soooooo……

I’ll be continuing a crocheted ripple pattern blanket which I’ve just started again because I made a bit of a mess. More about that later.  Maybe I’ll also make another creature come to life Under the Sea. I need to bake cake as WE HAVE NO CAKE 😦 and there are a couple of other sewing projects on the go which I might just dip in and out of.

Also, I must visit Teje’s blog. She has a new project to show everyone and a great tutorial coming very soon. Pop over and see crafting at its best in the Greek sunshine for yourselves 😀

I also want to thank all of you for leaving lovely comments and likes and follows and things on my blog. There is such a friendly, positive and supportive community in the blogging world and it makes me so happy to read the nice things both here and on your blogs too. Thank you very, very much!

What are all of you lovely bloggers getting up to? Crafty things I hope 🙂

See you soon,

Avis x


Sneaky peek……Something fishy is going on around here!

Happy weekend everyone 🙂 I hope you have all been having a crafty time like me!

Yesterday, I worked all day on my top secret project which will be ongoing for some time yet.

Today, I started work on my Under The Sea quilty, embroidery, collage picture.

I decided to make the background first and then secured the fishes with Bondaweb. That took quite a bit of planning as I wasn’t sure about the placement and I haven’t used Bondaweb before. Then I made all the other creatures and laid them on without sticking until I was happy with the composition. That wasn’t as successful as it sounds because the pieces with the Bondaweb on the back curled up. However, it was good enough to help me make decisions. You will see that a few things have changed position from my original sketch here. I’ve also added some extra bits ‘n’ bobs for balance.

I did take photographs of all of my progress…….without the memory card in the camera. Grrrr! I even took a picture of the mess I’d made from all of the cutting and sticking. Unfortunately, you will just have to imagine those stages.

Anyway, the basics are in place. Now I can embellish, quilt and embroider to make it all come to life. My daughter gave me a box of beads a few months ago and some of them are going to make wonderful eyes for the crabs. I couldn’t resist placing a couple of them on the collage and having a little giggle. They look very cute 😀

Sew far, sew good 🙂


The colours in real life are actually a lot more intense. The photo was taken in room with very poor light.

Must go and see what all of my bloggy pals have been up to now.

Avis x

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