More Chinese fabric makes

I was playing with the Singer and I rather enjoy making bags so I made another one! This time with the red lucky cats fabric that my daughter purchased for me when she was in Taipei.

It’s the usual make-it-up-as-you-go-along kind of bag, lined with Moda red solid and a zip closure.



IMG_20180305_164407059-1040x780 (1)

I did some inch wide straight line quilting to make it a bit more luxurious…


…and gave it a bit of a boxy bottom.

IMG_20180305_164433907-1040x780The singer has no problems quilting without a walking foot. I just made the stitch length a little longer as if it was for top stitching.

The bag has now been gifted, along with an easy peasy scrappy bookmark (because the recipient likes to read proper books) and some veggie gummy caterpillars from Marks and Spencer. Nom nom!


IMG_20180306_122335134 I should have bought myself some of those ;-). Too late now.

Using up the scraps

Last time I showed you the Trip Around the World quilt that my sister started and then I finished for her when she ran out of enthusiasm. You might also remember this knitting bag I made for her over three years ago that she uses all the time (but not for knitting).



Some of my other bags, including this one, are here if you’re interested.

Well, I had to do something with all the scraps that were leftover from the quilt. I’d come to the conclusion that the reason my sister didn’t want to use the original bag for knitting was because I didn’t make it with a zip closure.  She doesn’t like spiders and I realised spiders could get into the knitting and that wouldn’t be good would it? She just kept saying the bag was too good to use for knitting but I still think it was all to do with pesky spiders LOL. So I made a new one with a zipper in the hope that she’d use it for knitting this time!


It’s almost the same as the original but with a much wider base, it closes with a zip and the button placement is different. Those buttons are from my late Aunt Edith’s sewing box by the way, probably circa 1960’s. Even though it looks similar, the construction method was completely different and, to be honest, it had me stumped for a while but I got there in the end. It’s all in the planning isn’t it? The original started with a one piece base and the sides were attached to it. For this one I needed to rethink because of the zip. I started at the zip and then attached the sides, so working down the bag instead of up.

There were still a few scraps left so I made a little pouch to pop inside as well.


My sister was well chuffed with both. I told her the large one was for her knitting. She has other ideas. I might have known!

Anyway, that’s all of the blue Trip Around the World fabrics used up now. I’ve also been plodding on with the Loyal Union Sampler blocks recently and have a few of those to photograph. Then I’ll get the virtual quilt on the right of the page updated so you can see where I’m up to.

What crafty stuff have you been up to recently?

Pretty little zipper pouch

Hi everyone,

Just popping in to say hello and show you what I’ve been up to lately. Not nearly enough in the crafting department I’m afraid!

Anyway, after using the batik fabrics on my last project, I remembered that I had a few scraps of other batiks in my stash. I haven’t had time to tackle a quilt top but found a lovely tutorial for this zipper pouch and I couldn’t resist making it.


I used different fabrics on the front and back. From the other side it looks like this.


The main fabric here isn’t a batik but it matches very well.  The inset fabric is my favourite Moda Bella solids which are available in my shop.



It is also fully lined with white Moda Bella Solids.


Did you spot the pretty lace? Well, that belonged to my late Aunt Edith so it is probably from the 1960’s. It would have been left over from one of the bridesmaid’s dresses that she used to make. If you’d like to make this bag, pop over to Pattydoo where you will find the pattern and a fab tutorial. I know I’ll make many more bags using this pattern so thank you very much to Ina for sharing Smile.

I’ve also just finished stitching a card for my daughter’s birthday which you can see over on my other blog Sewing Beside the Sea. It would be nice to see you over there!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

Avis x

Some things are so cute!

Hello blogging friends!

I’ve been away for a while and haven’t done a great deal of machine sewing recently. Life just gets in the way sometimes. The cross stitch and knitting are progressing on my other blog but the sewing machine has been gathering dust waiting for me to get time to do a repair. Actually, I did give it a good old service last week and I managed to get a new belt from The Man Who Can.


The rubber belt at the right hand side was the original from the 1950’s and it was shedding rubber dust and kept jumping off, especially when I was refilling the bobbin. So I went to see if my trusted sewing machine fixer man had a replacement that would fit. Well, it was a very tight fit and it was hard to believe the original had stretched so much. In fact, it was also a real pain getting the original one off because the screw holding everything together was so tight. I was about to give up when I noticed the housing for the motor was adjustable so it was out with the screwdriver and on with my mechanical head. So now the motor has been repositioned in two directions and everything is working perfectly again. The machine is now humming rather than doing impressions of a tractor and I no longer have unsightly black dust spraying about every time I sew. I was itching to test it on a new project Smile.

My daughter has been getting a new mobile phone that has a large screen. She asked me a couple of weeks ago whether I could make her a slip case for when it is in her bag. She chose the fabric from my scraps and it stayed on the cutting table until this morning. It’s taken so long to get time to make it. Anyway, the brief was to make a simple lined case with wadding for protection. She didn’t want any fasteners at all so it had to be a perfect fit otherwise the phone would fall out. I didn’t want any of the seams to show so this is what I came up with. I knew it was going to be fiddly and it certainly tried my patience. Anyway, it fits perfectly and the phone doesn’t drop out on its own.


I like the metallic leaves on the fabric design and the wadding works well.


The case hugs the phone and my daughter is very happy with it. It might be a small finish but it’s still a finish Smile. However, I’m pleased I don’t have to make phone cases for a living as I wouldn’t get many made in a day!

So that’s all I’ve managed to achieve recently in the sewing department. Now for the cute bit!

The weather here has really improved during recent days. I’m already complaining about the temperature at 21 degrees. Two days of sunshine and I’m looking for the shade. I was busy working the other day, with the doors to the garden wide open and who should I spot on the grass? Spring is definitely here. This little chap spent about an hour foraging out in the open before disappearing off under some shrubbery. I got very little done.


How cute is he/she? I love hedgehogs because they let us get up close to take photos. Do you have hedgehogs where you live?

That’s it for now. I’m off to catch up with your blogs Smile.

Avis x

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