All’s well that ends well…..

I suppose my birthday started yesterday….with a visit from my big sister 🙂 She brought me fab prezzies!! There was a gorgeous calendar full of photos of her beautiful new baby Grand Daughter, the book of The Great British Bake Off which has the recipes from the TV programme, Belgian chocs mmm AND the icing on the cake, a lovely new quilting book 🙂 She really does spoil me!!

So, today is my real birthday. DH presented me with the Moda charm packs which I chose a couple of weeks ago and ordered from a lovely Etsy seller in America. Who could want for more…..quilting heaven 🙂

Well, I can’t wait to get sewing with those charm packs but I still have quilt tops ready to quilt and finish so I decided to be disciplined and attempt something I’ve wanted to do for ages…..make my own pantograph and use it on a quilt. I have never used pantographs. In fact, I’ve only ever quilted three tops. So this is either brave or stupid or both. I do enjoy a challenge, especially when I have all day to do it.

I started by getting out the quilt top and checking the block size. I’d had an idea about what type of design I wanted to do for a while. The blocks are 8 inches square.

It took a lot of drawing and redrawing to get to this final spiral for the size I wanted which was within a 4 inch square. I drew around the outside square so the repeats were easy to position later.

Then I traced the design onto some baking paper and went over the line on both sides with pencil.

As long as the line starts and ends in the same position on the outer square, the pattern will continue.

 And so on…..repeating the pattern to fill the page. 

This was fun! I got quite carried away 🙂 Reflecting and off-setting the original design to create more.

And another…..

And finally…..

So, all I needed to do was photocopy a few of these, overlap and tape together in a long pattern piece. WRONG!!! My graph paper was in centimetres not inches!!! Aaarghh!! My design was inside an 8 cm square not a 4 inch one. I’d so enjoyed this morning, drawing out the patterns 😦

Luckily my printer/copier enlarges images PHEW! but I needed to calculate the scale of enlargement. Well, 25 mm is more or less 1 inch so I enlarged by scale factor 1.25. When I measured the print, it was fine. All’s well that ends well 🙂

As you can see, the enlargement meant I could only get part of the design on one A4 sheet. So I printed two, chopped off the bits I needed and made a new A4 size one.

That was good! Four designs fitted my 8 inch square perfectly. I copied more, then overlapped and taped them together, then laid them along the table.

With a bit of repositioning of the quilt on the frame and making sure the quilting would be correctly positioned when I started, I was ready to go. I was so nervous about spoiling the quilt top BUT it worked 🙂

The last photo shows the back. It isn’t perfect but I’m pleased with it. Over the next few days, I should get the binding done. I’ll let you see the finished result. Watch this space 🙂

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