A bit of this and that!

Hello lovely bloggers 😀

I hope you are all having a very crafty time!

I have been saving this recent finished project to share with you while my busy time at home continues. You may remember, just over a year ago here, that I had treated myself to a few lovely Moda remnants and wondered what to do with them. 

I eventually decided to use some of them on a disappearing nine-patch quilt. I posted about the finished top and included a very mini photo tutorial for anyone who wasn’t familiar with this pattern here. I love this pattern so much that I’ve made several quilts using it. There are various ways to arrange the blocks. You can choose a very regular pattern as I did here (see from the third photo down) and here (one of my favourite quilts ever). Alternatively, as I did with this one, you can go for a very scrappy patchy look. My Mum loves this one 😀


I have no idea why this is the only green quilt I have ever made. I love these shades as they are all the colours of nature….grass, trees and wheat fields.Image

Since I was on a nature fix 😉 I did the quilting in a regular surfy waves pattern. I love quilting this pattern. It satisfies my desire for neatness and tidiness (I hope my sister isn’t reading this 😆 …..ssh! I can hear you giggling sis!)


And another close up for good measure, very important in quilting too 😉


One more just to show off the squishy snuggly goodness on the reverse 🙂 The backing and binding are in my favourite Moda ivory solid. It looks just like Jersey gold top milk in real life, creamy scrumptiousness!!


Now, what else? Well, I’m continuing with the blackwork SAL with Claire here. I’ve actually finished the project but I mustn’t reveal all until everyone else is done. I’ll let you see the next finished stage soon.

My ripple blanket is also coming along nicely but as it grows, it is becoming very warm to sit under while I am crocheting. I must finish it before the winter leaves us or I won’t be able to bear working on it again until next year 🙂

So now, I have the rest of the day free Yey!! I’m off to continue cross stitching the Bothy Threads Narrow Boat. This image is from Bothy Threads. 

Cut Thru' Narrow Boat

Happy Sunday everyone 😀

Avis x

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