I’m not a cat lover….honest!

Hello everybody!

We are very close to the end of 2012 now and I won’t be making any New Year resolutions. However, in 2012 I rediscovered my love of knitting and crochet which I had put to one side for many, many years. The ripple blanket which I started to crochet and the scarf I knit for my sister’s birthday have helped to rekindle my enthusiasm for the crafts I had put into hibernation in favour of quilting.

So, when I saw these, I just had to make them! I have no idea why, they just purred “Make me”.

Meet Yin and Yang 🙂 The pattern is available here.


I have no idea why I wanted to make one of these let alone two of them! I don’t really like cats and they definitely don’t like me 😦 These two are being rehomed very soon as I have no desire to have cats in my house but they were so much fun to make. Like I said, the intention was to only make one.

I am sure you can see why they are called Yin and Yang 😀


My other half cannot believe I have made cats and heaved a huge sigh of disbelief with a shaking of his head when I announced they had names he-he 😆 Isn’t it great when making things gives us so much pleasure and the only cost is a little time while watching telly?

I’ve really enjoyed reading all of your lovely blogs this year. My blog was one year old on Friday and I’m surprised that I’ve posted over one hundred times. The blogging community has been  so positive with their comments and support and I am so glad that my daughter persuaded me to start writing this blog (it did take her quite a while). It was only really meant to be a record of my craft projects as I made them  but it has turned into so much more!

To all of my friends around the world……Happy New Year 😀 I hope 2013 is wonderful for you and all of your families and that you will continue to visit my blog often. I will certainly be reaching out for even more inspiration by reading all of your fabulous blogs.

I’m off to quilt now!

Avis x

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