An Unbirthday Finish

You may remember, way back in August last year, that I began making some green saw tooth star blocks with an unbirthday present from my lovely friend Claire. She sent me some fabric pieces, all slightly larger than 10 inches square as a surprise gift. I chopped each of them into four 5 inch squares and set to work.

IMG_20150726_122402028I had enough to make 25 stars.

IMG_20150727_113114115They looked lovely all laid out together and I rearranged them over and over again to get the best distribution of colours. The next photos were taken in very poor light.

IMG_20151127_183020850Then I had a brainwave… What if I added some Irish chain blocks? I had some coordinating solids that would look nice and then I’d have a much bigger quilt.

IMG_20160426_154551256When sewing them together, it’s a good idea to pay attention or you might make a mistake like I did. OOPS!

IMG_20160430_143806881Thankfully it wasn’t too difficult to put right. Now, after quilting and binding, I have a lovely happy dance to share 🙂IMG_20160625_162659I was quite shocked to look back through my posts and find that I’d originally received these fabrics last August. It’s taken almost a year to get them all sewn up. Better late than never.

IMG_20160625_162317955Thank you so much again Claire. I couldn’t have made this without your very kind unbirthday gift. I hope you like what I made 🙂

Irish Chain Quilt

Happy weekend everyone Smile

I’m very happy to present my 19th finished project this year. It’s a Double Irish Chain design (or a Triple Irish Chain if you prefer). I’ve wanted to make this traditional pattern for years and somehow never got around to it. However, I always knew I’d be using my beloved Moda Bella Solids when I did. This one will nicely cover a twin or make a great topper for a double bed at 74 x 54 inches and it will soon be for sale in my shop.


Family and friends have commented that it reminds them of the colours of the sea, so the quilting just had to be in waves. I wanted to ensure the quilting didn’t compete with the strong geometric design and solid colours so I hope I’ve achieved that.


I adore a white binding but on this occasion, after much thought about all three colours, I decided it had to be the darker blue.


Can anyone suggest a name for it?

Well, I now have the whole weekend free to play…..I mean sew Smile I’m off to look in the finished quilt top box to see which one has popped up to the top of the pile. I hope you also get lots of time to craft this weekend.

A-quilting I must go!

Avis x

I’ve been stripping today!

Ha-ha! That got your attention, didn’t it ?

I told you yesterday I was going to give the mean green sewing machine some welly today. Well I did 🙂

I’ve got 35 Double Irish Chain blocks finished. Here they are all laid out on the floor, ready to sew together.

I have to admit, even using the strip method, it was a bit of a marathon!


I hope you’ve also had a perfect day Smile

Avis x

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