I’m pleased I went back to this…….

Hi everyone. I hope you are all having a lovely crafty afternoon 🙂

Just a few lines to say…..I have started to crochet again, Yey!! I haven’t done crochet for years but there are so many of you lovely bloggy friends doing it, I just had to find that hook and see if I could remember what to do. I’ve only ever done basic stitches so I decided to see if I could remember how to do a Granny Square. They just kept multiplying 🙂 Like riding a bike, you never forget how to make these 🙂 I’ve just used spare wool and I think the hook is probably a bit big but it’ll do for now. Maybe one day I’ll splash out on some proper cotton and the correct size hook.


Bye for now, I’m off to catch up with all of your lovely posts 🙂

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