Come on! Get that quilt finished!!

Hi everyone 🙂

I don’t know about all of you but……my sister who is an amazing crafter is procrastinating!

A couple of years ago, she bought a variety of gorgeous shades of blue fabrics and started to make a Trip Around the World Quilt. She claims to have the four quarters of the top ready to sew together and then the top will be finished. I’m still waiting to see the results. However, in the meantime she has started to make a dress, knitted a beautiful cardigan/jacket and a blanket for her new Granddaughter and also a batik patchwork bag from a kit. The word kit is used very loosely here as the pattern needed to be reworked, there was insufficient fabric in the bag and there was no wadding, tape for the handles or buttons included! OUCH!!

Anyway, her latest excuse is that she is preparing for Christmas. There’s an advent calendar and some Christmas stockings to sew. Next it will be Christmas decorations and table runners……

And look what her granddaughter is getting for Christmas 🙂 A lovely knitted dolly. Anyone who has ever made knitted toys will know how much work goes into them…..and the stitching up Ugh!!


And from the back…


This doll is about 16 inches tall and she is lovely. Suggestions for names would be most welcome 😀

Come on Siss, get that quilt top finished. You are almost there 🙂

How many UFO’s do you all have? I have one, the sampler I’m busy with he-he 😀

Happy weekend!

Avis x


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