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Hi everyone,

Something other than patchwork here for a change. Regular readers will know that I also have a blog for everything other than patchwork here. That’s where this post really belongs but I thought, if I show cross stitch here, just for once, it might encourage all you quilters to get out a needle and thread and do some cross stitch or embroidery for a change, that is if you don’t already enjoy other crafts. What crafts do you do when you don’t have much spare time?

I haven’t been blogging much lately, either reading or writing. I haven’t really had time to do any patchwork but I have managed to do quite a lot of cross stitch in short bursts. Anyway, I was happily stitching away on this project the other day and keeping myself out of trouble, as you do.

IMG_20161012_140140590 Then my postie rattled the letter box. This is what he brought.IMG_20161012_140112453Yes, it’s another kit from Claire from the same series of decorations. She really does spoil me but I appreciate it 🙂 She’d spotted these kits at a bargain price and simply couldn’t resist. Dimensions kits are such good quality. Lucky me!

I’d already finished Holly and Ivy a long time ago…

IMG_20151019_121023508 …and Claire then sent me more kits for Christmas which are still waiting in my stash. So now I’ve got the full set 🙂 It’s been nice to work on something small in between stitching for the SAL. Anyway, this one is now all stitched and waiting to be finished with felt and ribbon. IMG_20161018_144223985 I’m considering making all of the others first and then finishing them off as a job lot. I reckon it’ll be quicker that way. How long will it be before I get the other four stitched I wonder?

On the 12th day of Christmas….

I can hear you singing!

Hi everyone, I’ve been making more patchwork stars to decorate the Christmas tree this year, 12 in total. I decided to try to make a Christmas tree shape out of them just to get you in the mood for Christmas. Once again, we have a dull autumn day here up north so the colours are not as bright as they should be but I’m sure you get the idea.


These stars are very easy to make and they are a great way to use up fabric scraps. They finish at about 4 inches across, not counting the hanger. Here’s how I made them.

1. Cut one and three quarter inch strips from a selection of fabrics.

2. Trim the end at a 60 degree angle. Continue to make further cuts every two inches along the strips at 60 degrees. This makes your diamond shapes.

3. Sew them together in groups of three diamonds to make half stars. Press the seams and then sew the halves together. Press again.

4. Pin the star to a piece of backing fabric which is just bigger than the star, right sides together. Don’t trim the backing fabric yet.

5. Sew together close to the outside edge of the star. Leave two sides open so you can stuff the star.

6. Trim the backing to the same size as the star. Snip the points off (be careful not to snip your stitches) and make a snip at each of the inside corners (don’t snip the seam) to give a nice flat star when it is turned the right way out. I use a blunt pencil to very gently push out the points.

7. Stitch up the side seam. This bit is quite fiddly! Sew a button in the centre and add a ribbon hanger.

Stand back and admire Smile


I’ve also been making up another one of Claire’s free charted cross stitch Christmas decorations which you can see by clicking here. I’ve got a photo of those on my other blog Sewing Beside the Sea if you want to take a look at them.

I’m linking to the Woolhogs Made It Challenge this month. I hope you will also pop across there with me to see all the lovely things everyone has been making this month. As usual, there are some real beauties and, who knows, you might (no I’m sure you will) find lots of new blogs to visit. you might also want to share a link to something you have made this month. Go for it!

There are only 37 crafting days to Christmas folks!

Have fun,

Avis x

I’m seeing stars!

Hello everyone, I know it isn’t Christmas time yet but I also know that many of you are already making preparations for the festive season, so I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to.

The front cover of the latest edition of Fabrications magazine inspired me to make a star to hang on my Christmas tree….


but I couldn’t stop making them!!





The magazine provides the template for the diamond but I didn’t use it. I had lots of Christmas fabric scraps in my stash so I just cut strips one and three quarter inches wide and then made a 60 degree chop every 2 inches along the strip. I pieced the front and attached almost all of the back by machine, taking care to position the hanging ribbon so I didn’t catch it in the wrong place with the stitching. Leaving a two side gap allowed me to turn it the right way and stuff it with poly batting scraps. I then sewed up the gap and attached a little star button to finish.

My buttons are from Bobbins & Buttons here in the UK and the service was first class! They had lots of other cute buttons etc. and I’ll definitely return to their shop soon.

My next sewing project is also for Christmas but isn’t patchwork and quilting. If you want a sneaky peek, pop over to Claire’s blog. She has been very busy creating gorgeous Christmas decoration designs and is sharing the charts with all of us for free. Please, please, please leave a comment for her if you download the charts. I’m sure that will make her smile inside. I’ll be making up one of her cross stitch decorations this afternoon and it’ll appear on my sewing blog Sewing Beside the Sea very soon.

I also need to say a huge “Thank you!” to Deborah for nominating my blog for this award:


I need to tell you some things about me….what is it that you don’t already know?

1. I used to wear shoes like the ones above.

2. My Dad wanted me to be a chiropodist because he was convinced everyone would have “bad feet” in future years and I’d never be out of work.

3. My car needs to be replaced and I can’t decided what to buy with my very limited budget.

4. When I grow up, I want to be a lady of leisure with 25 hours a day to craft.

5. I hate the cold weather. My knees ache with the cold. Remedies gratefully accepted.

6. I would love to travel more and wish I could just teleport myself to visit other countries.

7. I like leftovers more than the original dinners.

My nominees are:

Claire for designing and generously sharing her free cross stitch charts.

Gun for sharing sooooo many links to projects that I must make.

Katherine for sharing 25 hours per day inspiration.

Trish because I love everything she makes.

Mary because she finishes huge projects.

I’m off to catch up with reading all of your wonderful blogs now. What have you been up to while I’ve been away? I wonder….

Avis x

STOP PRESS!! Voting has started over at Woolhogs. There is a record number of entries this month. Don’t forget to take a look at all the lovelies and vote for fun 🙂

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