Sixth finish of 2013!

Hi everyone, I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful weekend 🙂 A special warm welcome goes out to my new followers.

I’ve been sewing, hurray!! So I have a finished project to share with you all. A sneaky peek of this one was published earlier but the binding wasn’t done. I’ve now added the binding which is my favourite part of making any quilt. It is machined to the front and invisibly slip stitched to the back. This is a simple design to make up. The prints are from a charm pack and I teamed them up with two solid colours to tone down the Christmassy shades of the prints. Now it lifts my neutral colour scheme quite nicely in my conservatory and the greens bring a bit of the garden inside 🙂



I’ve used a variegated quilting thread which is full of copper and gold shades to blend in nicely with the solids. I hope you can see the different colours in this close up photo.



It’s quite a good size for a snuggle up on the sofa or as a bed topper. Here it is folded in half.





and ready to use……



I know you are all waiting to see what those luscious red fabrics from my last post turn into but I couldn’t possibly start a new quilting project before I finished this one……could I? What I do know is that they are going to make a very blocky modern style quilt, nothing complicated as I want to let the fabrics do the talking…….makes a change from me 😉

I went to Mum’s yesterday to take her for a wander around her new neighbourhood. It was freezing!!!! and there was quite a chilly breeze too. I noticed she was wearing a really old knitted hat that had seen better days and her ears weren’t quite tucked in enough. Guess what I’m going to knit 😀 I think I’ll probably be doing something with aran wool and cables, not too bright. It’ll be a simple bobble hat without the pom-pom as she wouldn’t appreciate a pom-pom 😆 I’ll knit a thick stretchy rib to keep each ear as snug as a bug in a rug.

I must go and order the wool!

I’ve also been tidying up the old blog a bit. I now have three separate pages, one for each year of crafting. They can be accessed via the tabs at the top of this page entitled Finished 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend 😀

Avis x


Traditional Patchwork Quilt Pattern and Tutorial (Part 14)

Here are the instructions for the sashing. Enjoy!

You will need:

Twenty dark 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ squares.

Thirty one white 2 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ rectangles.

Lay out your blocks and sashing pieces in their final positions for the finished quilt.


Sew white rectangles to the sides of the blocks to complete four rows like this. Press seams towards the sashing.


Next, make the sashing rows with the dark squares. Sew dark squares to five white rectangles. I prefer to chain sew to save time and thread. Press seams towards the rectangles.


You should now have five of these.


Sew a dark square to each of the other ends of these five rectangles.


Now sew alternately a white rectangle then a dark square until each piece has four dark squares and three white rectangles. Here are mine after three dark squares. Keep going to finish.


Lay these strips in place.


Now sew the rows together. I prefer to sew together the first and second rows and then sew together the third and fourth rows and so on until I have pairs of rows. Then I sew together the pairs of rows.That way, I am only working with a large quilt top in the machine for one seam.

Here is my finished quilt top.


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