Slowly but surely….

Hello everyone,

Thanks to all of you who have already expressed interest in joining the Mystery Blackwork SAL. You have only 6 days to gather a few items from your stash if you want to start on Friday. See here for more details of what you will need. I do hope you will stitch along with us 🙂

It’s been a busy week for me so I haven’t been able to do any patchwork or quilting for a few days. However, I have done some more of the Narrow Boat cross stitch from Bothy Threads.

Here is where I was up to on the last update.

CIMG2323Here is where I’m up to now 🙂

CIMG2470There is a lot of black back stitch outlining and a few French knots to add when all of the cross stitching is complete. It will give the design a sort of cartoon appearance which I think is quite fun!

When it is finished, it will look like this.

CIMG2471I’ve already stitched the camper van from the same series and it finally has a frame!

CIMG2453So, everything is happening here slowly but surely at the moment. I’ll be back on Friday with the first part of the SAL 🙂

I’m very excited!!

Avis x

I didn’t sew today (1)

I’ve concentrated on quilting for my new blog but I didn’t get time to sew today so I’m showing a cross stitch I finished last year. I’ve decided to add a new category so I can share other pieces from time to time 🙂  This design is by Bothy Threads. It was great fun to do and I never got bored with it as there was always a new object to stitch.  It is amazing what people need to take on a camping holiday 🙂 I hope you like it!


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