Loyal Union Sampler Blocks 66,67,68,69 and 70/121

Hello again,

At last! Here’s another five blocks from the Loyal Union Sampler by Jennifer Chiaverini. Sorry that I left it so long before getting back to this project. I’ve been doing lots of crafting in the meantime, just not working on the LUS.

First up today is Maine.

F-11 Maine

This one is called Manassas.

G-1 Manassas

Next up is Manger.

G-2 Manger

Maryland is next.

G-3 Maryland

Finally, this is Massachusetts.

G-4 Massachusetts

This bunch was relatively straightforward to put together. Only the size made them a little bit fiddly.

This is where I’m up to now and I promise to keep at this project until all the blocks are done.

LUS 70 Blocks

This was always going to be a long term project!

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  1. witchylin

     /  September 9, 2018

    I think you are doing remarkably well making all those tiny blocks. At last you are more tan halfway. 😉

  2. Wonderful blocks and that is going to be an amazing quilt!

  3. Pretty! I like Maryland best of that lot… What an amazing thing it’ll be when it’s done.

    • I have to say I’ve enjoyed making every single block. Some have been really easy and others very challenging for me but as long as I’m in the right mood it’s been fun.

  4. claire93

     /  September 10, 2018

    70 blocks later, and I’ve only just realised you’re doing them in alphabetical order lol.

  5. MMMMMM………very lovely blocks 🙂


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