The Loyal Union Sampler Block 12/121 (Part 1)

Good evening everyone,

Can you believe it’s eight months today since I last worked on the Loyal Union Sampler from the book by Jennifer Chiaverini? In my last post about this quilt on 29th February, showing block 11, there were 56 teeny weeny pieces of fabric sewn together to make a six inch finished block. You can see it by clicking here. Today, I set myself a different kind of challenge. Three hours later…

California (part)

I can hear you giggling! This might not look like much progress in three hours to you but it was a huge challenge for me. I now know why this project got put to one side for so long. The next few blocks all have Y-seams which have tested my patience almost to the limit in the past. I had to sew the white patch on several times and take it back off again but I’m now very happy with it. I know Y-seams are so much easier to do by hand and, I suspect this sampler is supposed to be sewn that way, but that’s part of the challenge isn’t it? I will not be beaten!! If it’s virtually impossible to do a three quarter inch long Y-seam on a machine, why not give it a go? Success is so much sweeter when the challenge is tougher 😉

If I can muster more patience tomorrow, I might be able to show block 12 at the left hand end of the second row. There’s still such a long way to go. What tries your patience the most?

LUS 11 Blocks

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  1. claire93

     /  October 29, 2016

    you’re such a perfectionnist ^^
    hope it doesn’t take you 3 hours to get the other 3 corners done lol.

  2. I totally believe… it reminds me of my Dear Jane wip.

  3. Yup! Y-Seams are so much better by hand! It may have taken you 3 hours, but it turned out looking very good. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  4. … which is exactly why I just don’t go there! Your patience and perfectionism are outstanding, but I’d never be able to look at the quilt afterwards without remembering what a hard time it gave me 🙂

  5. witchylin

     /  October 29, 2016

    Looking at a quilt that gives you a hard time is just what you need to do. You can see how much a challenge it was and how you overcame it. Knowing Avis as I do each challenge is something she will overcome, nothing beats her. I too have the Chiaverini book and one day, with Avis as an example, I will make it too.

    • I’m not sure I woud overcome everything but I’d have a jolly good try :-). I’m hoping to speed up a little on this project so watch this space.

  6. Definitely a perfectionist, I think I would have hand sewn y seams and machined the straight. A blend of traditional & modern

    • I’d like to acheive perfection but I accept it isn’t ever possible. I simply wouldn’t dream of mixing hand and machine sewing on this quilt. Maybe that reveals I have a problem of a different kind LOL.

  7. That is a massive undertaking. You must have infinite patience.

  8. I am getting more patient with patchwork but less patient with dressmaking – I’m not quite sure why. The thing that tries my patience most is when machines malfunction – threading an overlocker almost finishes me for the day 😉 I am in awe at your ‘Y’ seam and perfect matching – I can only dream of such giddy heights.

    • I threaded an overlocker for the first time last week with my friend reading and pointing to the diagrams. We got there in the end. There was a nifty trick on a Youtube video which showed how you never need to rethread an overlocker. You just cut the old thread at the top of the machine, leaving the end threaded through, tie on the new thread with a very tiny knot and then pull the old thread through the machine very carefully with the new one attached, until it goes through the needle. It worked really well on the video. As for your patchwork skills, I think you should take a pat on the back for how far you’ve come in such a short tie. Your piecing is beautiful!

  9. I think I would be hand piecing that one. But go ahead if you like a challenge so much! 🙂


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