Postie calls…

Hi everyone,

Something other than patchwork here for a change. Regular readers will know that I also have a blog for everything other than patchwork here. That’s where this post really belongs but I thought, if I show cross stitch here, just for once, it might encourage all you quilters to get out a needle and thread and do some cross stitch or embroidery for a change, that is if you don’t already enjoy other crafts. What crafts do you do when you don’t have much spare time?

I haven’t been blogging much lately, either reading or writing. I haven’t really had time to do any patchwork but I have managed to do quite a lot of cross stitch in short bursts. Anyway, I was happily stitching away on this project the other day and keeping myself out of trouble, as you do.

IMG_20161012_140140590 Then my postie rattled the letter box. This is what he brought.IMG_20161012_140112453Yes, it’s another kit from Claire from the same series of decorations. She really does spoil me but I appreciate it 🙂 She’d spotted these kits at a bargain price and simply couldn’t resist. Dimensions kits are such good quality. Lucky me!

I’d already finished Holly and Ivy a long time ago…

IMG_20151019_121023508 …and Claire then sent me more kits for Christmas which are still waiting in my stash. So now I’ve got the full set 🙂 It’s been nice to work on something small in between stitching for the SAL. Anyway, this one is now all stitched and waiting to be finished with felt and ribbon. IMG_20161018_144223985 I’m considering making all of the others first and then finishing them off as a job lot. I reckon it’ll be quicker that way. How long will it be before I get the other four stitched I wonder?

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  1. magpiesue

     /  October 20, 2016

    Oh, that’s wonderful. Lucky you, and generous Claire!

  2. Not long, if I know you! I love these kits, so very pretty.

  3. These are so pretty. I tried finding them on line but wasn’t successful. Do you know if they are still for sale and where? Thank you.

  4. witchylin

     /  October 20, 2016

    Claire is a kind friend who knows you will enjoy making those lovely decorations. Which one to do next is the question. Finishing them all off at once sounds like a great idea. Your tree will be very well decorated this year and in the future. 🙂

    • Unfortunately, I’ve just bought six santas to stitch. I couldn’t resist but I’ve put them away for safe keeping so they won’t get stitched soon 😉

  5. claire93

     /  October 21, 2016

    I think the red cardinal ones are my favourites. Well done on your second decoration . . . you’ll soon have a tree full ^^

  6. I like to see cross stitch but it would send me insane to do it myself! If I’m not doing patchwork, I’m dressmaking or knitting or doing cartonnage so I think that’s probably enough to keep me occupied.

  7. I have found time scarce lately too, but I still managed to join the embroidery guild. As you say, it is good to do something different for a change.


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