F2F Blocks for October and December

Hello everyone,

I thought it would be nice to share the blocks I made for Miss October and Miss December in the F2F block swap organised by Kate and Sue. We are having a lot of fun choosing fabrics and making blocks for each other.

block swap logo

Here the blocks I made for Lynn, Miss October. I was only supposed to make three but one of them turned out slightly larger than the required 12 inches square finished size so I thought Lynn would like it anyway, to do with as she pleases. Lynn requested turquoise, grey and a hint of coral pink. The puppy block was inspired by Dog Gone Cute over at Sew Fresh Quilts. Their block is rectangular but with a bit of squared paper and some jiggery pokery, I managed to make a square one. I promptly threw away my pattern (I was never going to need another puppy block) and then I was informed by Kate that my parcel to Lynn was missing!! In fact, one of the other participant’s parcels had also failed to arrive. Thankfully, they both eventually showed up back at our own addresses so we could send them on their way again. I was so sad to hear that they were missing in transit but then ELATED when they reappeared on my doormat. You really have no idea how pleased I was. I was happy dancing all around the supermarket car park!! The moral of that story is….don’t read your email while you are out shopping.

Block 1 Named
Block 2 Named

Block 3 Named

Block 4 Named

November was my turn to receive blocks and you’ve seen those in my previous posts 🙂 Then it was Christina’s turn, Miss December. Here are her turquoise and grey blocks. Those colours are such a popular choice in this swap. Christina doesn’t have a blog but I know she has received her parcel so it’s OK to share photos here now.

Block 1 named
Block 2 named

Block 3 named

 Next up is Emmely, Miss January. I’ve posted her green blocks today and I’ll show you when she confirms receipt of her parcel.

Best wishes to everyone for 2016 🙂

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  1. Such wonderful blocks! And oh yes guess how lucky I was when my blocks for Lynn came back to me! The little puppy for Lynn is just cute – I suppose she love it. I’m looking forward to sew Emily’s blocks next weekend. … so far I’ve no idea. It is amazing that we don’t have repeating block patterns in that swap, isn’t it?

    • Yes, I bet you were jumping up and down with happiness too 🙂 I’ve just posted Emmely’s blocks today. I always have no idea how to begin but once I get going I enjoy making the blocks. I’m surprised how many of the fabrics I recognise in other people’s blocks.

  2. It’s such fun to see your monthly blocks. A little stressful about temporarily missing packages, but I’m glad they eventually turned up and were redirected. 🙂

  3. witchylin

     /  December 29, 2015

    I am so pleased the missing packages turned up and you did not have to repeat the blocks. Look forward to seeing the green ones for Miss January.

  4. I’m visualising you doing your happy dance around the supermarket car park 🙂 All’s well that ends well, and so far we have a 100% success rate. Two more swappers to go for December, and then we can launch January in the gallery!

    • I’ll help you to visualise. Imagine pushing the trolley to the car, wind howling around your ears. You lift the hatch and the wind virtually rips it off. Then the “ting” goes to signify an all important email has popped in just as you lift the first bag into the boot. You’ve got to peep, just to see who it is. Then you’ve got to read it because it’s from Kate 😉 The wind is still threatening to take the hatch but who cares? Time to do a twirl with the trolley. YIPPEE!! I smiled for the rest of the day 🙂

  5. claire93

     /  December 29, 2015

    lots of lovely crisp points and lovely colours ^^
    Reminds me, I have some of the Moda grey that you sent me, along with purple and green . . . must do something with it lol.

  6. Beautiful blocks. Glad the missing ones turned up in the end. I’d have liked to have seen that happy dance 😛

  7. I was certainly doing a happy dance when your blocks turned up – they are gorgeous – and then I had to do another one when Annett’s arrived and I had almost given up all hope. I must contact Miss January to see if she can be more specific about ‘green’.

    • Please don’t feel that you must put the dog block in a quilt if you’d rather do something else with it. It might look odd with all the other blocks you’ve received.

  8. Those are beautiful blocks – fabulous precision piecing!

  9. I am so glad those pretty blocks turned up after all!
    There are far worst things to be caught doing than a happy dance in a supermarket carpark. 🙂


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