Foot²Freestyle 2015 Blocks for June


Hello everyone,

I can now update you all on the Foot²Freestyle block swap for June. I know it’s now safe to show these blocks as Esther has acknowledged receipt. Thankfully, our postal services managed to get them safely across the sea from the UK to the Netherlands. Esther chose the colour scheme but the block patterns and colour placement were up to me. That’s the “Freestyle” part of this block swap. Anyway, here are the blocks I made and sent for June.

First up is the jadeite block. I was very concerned about the fabric colours of this one as I wasn’t entirely sure what colour jadeite was. Thankfully, Esther’s photographs helped a lot.

CIMG4186 (w)

The grey patches were fussy cut. Did you notice that? I hope so because fussy cutting wastes a lot of fabric or makes a lot of scraps whichever way you want to look at it. I consider it making scraps and I don’t like scraps LOL.

Next up is the mustard storm at sea block. I really enjoyed making this block. There are lots of seams and layers of fabric but it was well worth the effort I think. There are more fussy cut pieces on this block too. Can you spot them?

CIMG4187 (w)

Finally, it’s the jadeite and coral block. I decided to have the coral bands across the corners to add a bit of interest, exactly six little daisies in each.  The careful placement of the centre fabric was essential here because of the stripes of daisies. It just wouldn’t have been right to have them off centre.

CIMG4188 (w)

Well, that’s the first month over with. It was quite scary for me. I’ve never taken part in a block swap before and wanted to make sure the colours were right and my workmanship was up to standard. I hadn’t appreciated how apprehensive I would be but it was worth it. I hope I met the grade.

If you want to see the blocks from the other swappers, visit Kate or Sue. They are posting a gallery of all of the blocks sent so far.

I hope you are all enjoying crafting today!

Avis x

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  1. Att your best as always, Mtetar

  2. claire93

     /  July 16, 2015

    beautiful sewing and special attention to detail as always.
    I’m sure Esther was thrilled ^^

  3. So lovely blocks that you sent to Esther… I admire the accuracy and how careful & precise you used the coral in the third block. I would never have guessed it is you first blockswap (because you are such an experienced quilter) 🙂

    • I’m not very experienced really. I’ve been playing with patchwork for about 4 years and there’s still so much more to learn and new things to try.

  4. monique la bretonne

     /  July 16, 2015

    tres beau travail félicitations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    bonne soiree
    monique la bretonne

  5. witchylin

     /  July 16, 2015

    Perfect piecing. Yes I did notice the fussy cut on the grey. All three are brilliant. I know you take time and trouble with your quilting, having been the recipient of some gorgeous work from you, I would not have expected anything else. Esther surely will be very happy with her blocks.

    • That’s very kind of you Lin 🙂 Your cushion is in my next post. I had even more fun making that because it is a finished piece and there’s nothing like a finish to make me happy 🙂

  6. Your “fussy cutting” is 5 star!!!! I am totally in love with the color choices and placement! That grey is gorgeous!!!!!!

  7. Oh, as if you don’t set the bar for the rest of us! It’s beautiful work, impressively accurate, beautifully fussy cut and you have absolutely nothing to worry about!

  8. I have no idea why you would find it scary – your work is beautiful and I am so excited that I will be receiving some of your gorgeous blocks in October.

    • I suppose it was because I had to choose blocks and fabrics for someone else. My favourite blocks are traditional and symmetrical but not everyone else likes those. I haven’t started your blocks yet but will be reading your blog to see what kind of blocks you like best. Feel free to tell me if you have special favourites 🙂


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