A New Quilt Plus a Pinwheel Tutorial

CIMG3839This is the contents of the charm pack I used to make the pinwheels for this quilt.
CIMG3876If you haven’t made pinwheels from charm squares before, here is one method.

Put each charm square with a square of the same size of plain fabric, right sides facing.


Draw along one diagonal with a pencil.


Sew one quarter of an inch from both sides of the diagonal and through both squares.


Cut along the diagonal line.


Turn the triangles so the darker fabric is on top.


Lift the darker fabric and press away from the seam. Trim the tails.


I usually do these steps with all of my charm squares on a sort of assembly line. That is, make all of the pairs. Then draw all of the lines. Then sew all of the seams. Then do all of the pressing and so on.


Lay out so that opposite sails are the same.


Sew pairs together. Press the seams towards the patterned fabric.

Then sew the top and bottom rectangles together.


The back will look like this. It is tricky to press the last seam without getting a

lump in the middle caused by all of the layers of fabric.


Look where my pin is pointing here. Those two stitches on both sides should

be unpicked. You will then be able to press your pinwheel lovely and flat. Be

careful not to take out too many stitches. You can always take out another

one if you didn’t do enough but it won’t be easy to put it back again!


If you press it correctly, you should have a mini pinwheel in the centre.


Here’s what mine looks like on the back with all of the pressing done.


Almost finished.


You just need to to square it up now and make more.


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  1. Avis, it’s good to have you back, you have been missed!

    • Aw! Thank you Kate 🙂

      • Pretty quilt in the tutorial, too. Can I make a suggestion/request? Can you put block size and finished quilt size in your tutorials? That way, if I’m browsing through to see if there’s something I want to make, I can see if it’s big enough or the block is large enough without doing all the maths to work it out. And maths is not my strong suit….

        • Ah well, I wasn’t expecting anyone to want to make the quilt LOL. The tutorial is just for one pinwheel. Anyway, just for you, the blocks measure 8.5 inches square unfinished and 8 inches when sewn in. I used 2.5 inch strips for all of the sashing and borders. My finished quilt is 51″ x 42″. Maths is fun 😉

          • Quilting is fun. Maths is torture! Necessary torture, mind you, but not my idea of a good time… Thanks for taking the trouble. So often I look at blocks, think they’d be great, then realise they’re minute, I’d need loads of them to make the quilt, and stop right there because the maths is too hard. Yet another reason I rarely make quilts from traditional blocks! I do love a disappearing 9 patch, though…

  2. That’s a lovely quilt. It’s so fresh-looking 🙂

  3. claire93

     /  March 7, 2015

    I know I’ve said it again and again, but I love your quilting ^^

  4. Great to see you back!! We all go through periods of having to be a tad absent……Looking forward to the beautiful Springtime that your cute quilt exemplifies!!! Hugs…….

  5. Good to have you back! 🙂

  6. Jane

     /  March 8, 2015

    What a delightful email to read at the start of my rainy Sunday morning. I am so tempted, no pun intended 😊 and will have a proper look when I’m out of bed and near my PC.
    I have been away from all things creative for 3 years due to nursing my terminally ill husband Mark; who lost the fight in December 2013. 2014 was a bad time and I am just coming back to life… Thanks for your timely email.

    • Hi Jane, Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment. Yes, crafting has to be the best therapy 🙂 It’s always lovely to meet new crafter’s. I hope you enjoy the blog and visit my other blog too. There is a link in my post above. Happy Sunday to you 🙂

  7. The quilt is beautiful and the fabrics so colorful!


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