Third birthday in December!

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate it) and you are now ready for the New Year.

The title of this post is ambiguous. Does someone in my family have a third birthday? Or do we have three birthdays in December? The answer to both questions is yes. My Dad, sister and great niece all have birthdays this month and my great niece will also be three years old. She’s growing up so fast!

I sent an email to my nephew to find out whether she had a Santa list and, if so, what was on it. One thing she was hoping Santa would bring was a cot for her dolls. I did a bit of searching on-line and found several. After reading the reviews I decided to go for this one from John Lewis. I’m not being paid for advertising here. I’m just really happy with the quality of the cot. It came with its own pink bedding consisting of a thin mattress, a pillow and cover, as in the first photo below.


As her birthday is also in December so I decided to make a patchwork quilt to match the cot as a birthday gift. My sister was concerned that I was burning the midnight oil (what’s new?) but I had to come clean. The real reason I chose to buy a cot from the list was so that I would have an excuse to sew LOL. I definitely don’t like dolls as you learned in my previous post.

Here’s the quilt I made, complete with 1960’s lace trim from my late Aunt Edith’s sewing box. Is that 4 generations? It’s a simple design with girly pink floral fabrics to match the cot.


The reverse is crisp white with a gingham ribbon trim.


There’s pillows to match.



They look pretty together. Mix and match…


Next, the five star hotel look…


Or florabunda shabby chic Smile


Anyway, I had so much fun making them and I hope she enjoys playing with them for a long time.

Happy New Year!

Avis x

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  1. If she doesn’t like them, I love doll bedclothes! In fact, I have a bedding set that looks a fair bit like that, perhaps a tad less floral….

  2. claire93

     /  December 27, 2014

    your great-niece is going to have so much fun putting her dolls to bed ^^
    a great sewing job. I’m not “pink” as you know, but these are so girlie, she’s going to love them.

    • I always had dolls. Why didn’t anyone realise I didn’t like them? Maybe it was because Mam liked to knit clothes for them and Aunt Edith liked to sew up tiny dresses. Is history repeating itself?

  3. witchylin

     /  December 27, 2014

    They are lovely Avis. I am sure they will be used a lot. I do agree they are girly, not me either, but for covers on the sweet little cot they are perfect.

  4. So cute! Great job. Makes me want to do it. Karen from Texas

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hi and welcome to my blog 🙂 Thank you! I used the method of turning inside out rather than binding. It was so much quicker to do and I enjoyed putting the scraps to good use too.

  5. Well, I can definitely see that YOU had fun playing with them!!! If that wee one is at all lovin’ dolls, that will be perfect. My 3-1/2 y.o. gr. grand is more into anything pony at the moment but her 1-1/2 y.o. sis is the little “mama”. Each one is so different!!!! Off to put together a very simple fleece blanky for the littlest one’s new “Cabbage Patch” style doll! Hugs………

    • Hi Doreen, Just when I got time to blog a bit… laptop has gone pooooof! Yes, between two and four years old is my favourite time for little ones. They are learning so fast 🙂 This little treasure is trampolining or swimming one minute and then into dolls and teddies the next. Best wishes for 2015! Avis x

  6. Very Nice and made with LOVE. My son, neice, and I all celebrating birthdays this month. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  7. It is too cute! I think you’ll make a little girl very happy; I’m sure she’ll love it 🙂

  8. Teje

     /  December 27, 2014

    Hi Avis! Oh, those are really cute and beautiful! I’m sure the little girl will love them! x Teje

  9. Very sweet. I had one doll which I gave a horrendous hair cut to – perhaps in homage to the haircuts my mum used to give me – I was much more interested in playing war camps with my sisters in the cubby house.

    • This made me laugh out loud! I’m afraid I used to draw circles around my dollies belly buttons with pen 😦
      I much preferred to be outside in the rough and tumble as well.

  10. She will be wanting to trade beds with her dolls! (Well, I would.)

    • It isn’t quite big enough for her. Several of the reviews for the matching high chair mentioned little ones trying to climb in 🙂


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