Wibbly wobbly…

Good afternoon everyone,

Does anyone else remember the song we used to sing while playing “two baller” against any available high wall when we were kids?

It went like this……

Jelly on a plate, jelly on a plate, wibbly wobbly wibbly wobbly, jelly on a plate.

Next verse….

Fly on the wall, fly on the wall, knock it off, knock it off, fly on the wall.

Do you know any more verses? There were lots. I bet you knew loads of other two baller or playground songs too.

OK that’s the nostalgia over for today. I have a problem which I suspect cannot be solved. However, if you can help me solve it, I’ll be over the moon! Here goes.

Look at the state of these cutting mats.


My new mats are on the bottom, centimetres on one side and inches on the other Smile but I love my old mats. They’ve gone all wibbly wobbly Sad smile. Now, I can hear you all telling me off for doing the unthinkable and I know it’s all my fault that they’ve ended up like this. Have I made your blood pressure rise? The time has come to replace them anyway because they aren’t repairing themselves as they used to but I’d still like to make use of them on my sewing table next to, or even under, my mean green sewing machine. Any suggestions on how to get them flat again will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

I’m still working on the batik blocks with partial seams from the previous post and they are looking lush. I’ve got 18 finished and I need 35. Then I’ll decide whether to include sashing. No need to rush decisions is there?

Finally, just a quick mention to all my lovely new readers from around the world. Welcome aboard! If you haven’t already found me on Facebook and Instagram, see if you can find me over there. You’ll get more sneaky peeks of up and coming projects and I’d love to see what you are up to as well. I bet you can guess my name 😉  I love to read your comments and emails so keep them coming. Isn’t blogging fun?

Avis x

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  1. I have the same cutting mat problem, but with a brand new enormous one, and it’s driving me mad. If I could find the receipt I’d take it back, because there’s a big bulge in the middle and I can’t cut anything straight. There are all sorts of ‘solutions’ on the internet if you search, but none of them have done the job. My long term plan is to put it outside on a sheet of black plastic in the heat of a Queensland summer day, which should soften it up nicely and make it a bit flexible, so I can flatten it. (You might be able to achieve a similar effect with a hairdryer…) I will then stick it to the top of a high cutting table using contact adhesive (Copydex should do the trick). It will become a permanent cutting surface, and rather than shift the mat, I will walk around the table. Meanwhile my old battered ones carry on doing a brilliant job!

    • Hmmm…it’s the sun that caused my problem 😦 No more cutting fabric in front of the window from now on for me. It’s almost like it expanded and then solidified bigger than it used to be. “Matter can neither be created nor destroyed” so my bumps must be thinner than the used to be as well.

  2. claire93

     /  August 16, 2014

    I can help neither with your playground song, nor with your wibbly woddly bumps, sorry ^^

  3. Mine came brand new with unfixable ripples along one edge and returning it was not an option. I tried EVERY trick I could find online and nothing worked. Looking at it was making me crazy. I finally cut off that end. My mat is a little small but it doesn’t make me sad to look at it. 🙂

  4. Yes, I love cutting in the bright sun light, but know that it’s not healthy for my mats! Not sure you can un-wobble the mats, I’ve read hints from Olfa but they say that they really don’t know how to un-warp mats – especially as wobbly as yours are.

    From Olfa’s FAQs
    [My rotary mat is warped, how do I flatten it?
    Unfortunately, there is no way to flatten your rotary mat once it has been warped. This is why it is very important to take the time to read the care instructions on your mat. Proper care is the only way to secure the life of your rotary mat. If you have an OLFA rotary mat that is warped, set this aside for use with paper projects.]

    I’ve heard of people cutting old mats and using as bag bottoms, etc. Maybe you could cut them smaller and use the flatter portions for small cutting mats next to your sewing machine or for travel.

    Next time – cut in the sunlight, but don’t let it sit in the sunlight when you are not using it may help keep your new mat safe.

    • Unfortunately there are no flats bits on either of my mats but I LOVE the idea of cutting them up for bag bases. How clever is that! The only thing I could say as a possible excuse is that I left them in the sun when I’d just started quilting and didn’t realise what would happen. I’ve put up with them for about four years. A little bit longer won’t harm 🙂

  5. Before cutting it up, please try to heat it with a blow dryer. If that does not work… CUT away!

  6. Denby

     /  August 16, 2014

    Sausage in the pan, sausage in the pan. Turn them over, turn them over, sausage in the pan. I don’t think there are any more versus and I can’t think of any more. I’ve also asked asked Mam and she can’t remember at the moment but she will let me know when she does remember any.

  7. Jelly on my spoon, jelly on my spool, wibble, wobble, wibble, wobble jelly on my spoon.

    Jelly in my tum, jelly in my tum, wibble, wobble, wibble, wobble jelly in my tum.

    Courtesy of the children’s song CD in the car. Dammit, now I’ll be singing that all night.

  8. I haven’t had this issue yet, but I am in fear of it, especially when I leave my mat somewhere silly. Travelling here in the winter can be tricky too, I worry about it in the car when it is -32 degrees Celsius, but the ladies at Starbucks laughed at me when I brought it in 🙂 I haven’t heard your little song, I like it though and am going to try it with my little girl.

    • Oh no! Minus 32!! How on earth do you survive? I have an idea…..make a carry case for your boards from insulated batting. I’m pleased you like the song 🙂

  9. Friends have had this happen when they have left their mats in the car. You know the rule: never leave children or pets … or cutting mats … in a car! I think they tried gently warming them again and flattening them with weights, but I don’t know if it worked.
    If your cutting mat lives in a sunny spot, have you thought of making it a cover?

    • My mat is no longer in a sunny position. I’ve been using the wonky ones for years. I honestly don’t know how I managed, now that I have nice flat ones again 🙂

  10. Hi, I had some success by warming up the mat in the sun, then packing lots of books on top and letting it cool while weighted. Friends have done the same using a large sheet of glass. I have also cut off the wobbly edges and just salvaged the flat centre.

    • Thanks for the tip 🙂 It might have to wait a while as the summer in the UK appears to be over already. It’s quite chilly here today.

  11. I have had this problem too and tried out different methods…. from carefully iron to warm and flattening it (with a towel on top), I tried to warm it ihe electrical oven (70°C) and with very hot water – after all that three trials I tried to flatten it between a big glass plate and a very heavy wooden cutting board with some stones on it to increase the pressure … all in all withoutt real success… the method with the hot water made it a little better.
    On a german website I read the hint to give it to a carpenter – for him to give it in the wood veneer machine…. I have no idea if it works, sound for me that it is another possibility to try flattening with heat?
    If you won’t use it out of your home maby it could be a possibility to tape it (with strong carpet tape?) on a working table top… suppose it depends on your individual working place.
    … but obviously ther is one good thing in it, isn’t it? … bringing an old funny children song in your mind 🙂

    • You have tried so many ways! I admire your determination. I had thought about using very strong glue, pasting it on the back of the mat and then flattening it onto a board using a roller. I haven’t got around to doing it yet but if it works I’ll post it here. Both boards are well worn so it probably won’t work and they are past their best anyway. As for the songs…..now I’m remembering lots more.They are fun 🙂

  12. dezertsuz

     /  October 30, 2015

    A friend and I both had success with leaving it in the hot sun and then flattening it under weights, but yours looks pretty serious, so I don’t know if that will work. I do think that if you cut it into smaller mats for use in various places, such as next to your sewing machine, or in a take-along folder for classes, that it might have better success. If you didn’t either figure it out, or throw them away in the end. =)

    • One has been cut up and used as bag bottoms. I made fabric envelopes in the same bag fabrics so they work a treat 🙂 The other one is still waiting patiently for a miracle cure.


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