I’ve been stripping today!

Ha-ha! That got your attention, didn’t it ?

I told you yesterday I was going to give the mean green sewing machine some welly today. Well I did 🙂

I’ve got 35 Double Irish Chain blocks finished. Here they are all laid out on the floor, ready to sew together.

I have to admit, even using the strip method, it was a bit of a marathon!


I hope you’ve also had a perfect day Smile

Avis x

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  1. Wow! That shows some dedicated sewing! The result is beautiful.

  2. So pretty! Fabulous job!!

  3. Wow!!! When you ‘hit it’, you really HIT IT!!!!! And my fave color combo!!!! Hugs……

  4. I had to chuckle when I saw what you had done today, according to your title! And WOW! that is some marathon sewing. The quilt top is beautiful. Love the blue and white! Good for you!!!

    • Thank you for visiting 🙂 Today, I finished my lest favorite part…..sewing the blocks together. I must admit to giggling at my own joke 😉

  5. I love your quilt. The use of 3 colours is so effective. Great job.:)

  6. Beautiful! I Love your color choice!

  7. Fabulous quilt. I love triple Irish Chain quilts. …..got one going on too and I can so relate to the marathon. Its worth it in the end. Just beautiful.

    • I must admit to getting a bit bored by the repetition so I’m pleased I motored on. I think the end result will be worth it. I look forward to seeing you version too 🙂

  8. Wow, you don’t hang around. Looks great. We are camping just now. This morning I was woken up by ducks quacking in the rain!

  9. claire93

     /  August 14, 2013

    wow – all that done in just one day? great work !

  10. C’est superbe ! Bravo !


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