Bazaar or bizarre?

Good evening everyone 🙂 It’s nostalgia time again!

This time, I’d like to take you on a trip through some early 70’s crafts…… the decade of bad taste colour schemes, glam rock, leatherette, Spangles and knitted toilet roll covers. Yes, KNITTED toilet roll covers!!

I’m going to show you a knitting pattern booklet which my Mum had way back then. The booklet which I have here is another original copy which I bought on Ebay last year. Mum’s booklet was given to a charity shop a long time ago. It has been out of print for decades but there are many more editions still available. It is packed with 40 patterns for all of those “must have” household items and luxuries.

Here is the front cover. Twenty pence for 40 patterns!!

Tea cosies and egg cosies. The pink tea cosy is crocheted and the others are knitted.

Some toys……a cross-eyed lion?? The owl and the teddy are crocheted.

Funky cushions to match the psychedelic décor.

Now don’t we all  need one of these? Toilet roll covers 😆

Next up, a cuddly toy tortoise, a knitted snake draught excluder and a doll’s poncho. Sounding like The Generation Game now!

More doll’s clothes and a Granny Squares pram rug. We did love to dress our dollies in the 70’s!

And another draught excluder…..this time crocheted. I wanted one like this 🙂

More tea cosies for huge tea pots 😀

Ooooh, and now we have a hip and trendy, fab and groovy guy sporting a knitted tie. What a cool dude!

A very strange looking flat elephant and a bunny. See the bunny in the flesh yarn later 🙂

Ah now, these hats are back in fashion…..

Pram rugs, hottie covers and……..why not knit yourself a knitting bag?

Here is the back cover. Don’t you just adore those pink lacy knitted bed socks?

Seriously though, an awful lot of money was raised for charity from the ideas in these booklets. Most of the items could be made with scraps of wool that almost everyone had plenty of. I remember making the egg cosies and tea cosies when I was very young and I always wanted to make the sausage dog draught excluder but I never did. This was before the days when I taught myself how to crochet tank tops 😆

These designs really take me back in time. I bet some of the people reading this, either made items from these Bazaar booklets, or maybe had presents bought for them like these. What do you think……Bazaar or bizarre?

Here is a picture of the rabbit I mentioned earlier. I knitted it from the pattern in this book. I think it looks more like a mouse (but it doesn’t have a tail), or a Clanger. It only took a couple of hours to make. The body and legs are knitted in one piece and the dress is removable.

I had fun making it because it is ages since I’ve done any knitting. It was good to practice my pattern reading skills again 🙂

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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  1. Some of those patterns look like they could be a lot of fun to make! One of the things I’ve noticed about older pattern booklets like that is that the pictures may look horrible and dated, but most of that is because of the colour schemes that are used. Knit or crochet the exact same but in a different set of colours, and the finished thing doesn’t look the slightest bit outdated!

    Though I still think toilet roll covers are outdated in general. :p

    • Hi Ria, I agree on all points 🙂 I’ve found the same thing with patchwork. If you change the colours, you start to see new patterns forming from the same blocks. Some colours look more traditional and others very modern even though the blocks remain the same.

  2. Oh Avis, I always loved the dolly toilet roll covers. Always wanted one, but we never had one. Amy x

  3. Oh my! Do you think some day we will look back on what is done today the same way we view those items?????? Maybe it’s a humbling thought!?!

    • Hi Doreen, long time no see 🙂 I’m sure we’ll look back and giggle in future years. I hope so anyway 😀 Avis x

      • Been more out of doors lately. Did sew together a bunch of squares for a red/white/blue Quilt of Valor quilt. Tomorrow I’m going with 3 gals to the MN state quilt show in Rochester,MN, and, yes, I will take pics to post…..hopefully later on Saturday (friend’s funeral in the morning).

  4. Teje & Nero

     /  June 14, 2012

    Hi Avis! This was fun! How everything change so much. Your bunny is really qute! x Teje

  5. claire93

     /  June 14, 2012

    my grandma has a knitted doll toilet roll cover and I used to think she looked so elegant lol. Grandma also had two crocheted poodles that she used at glass milk bottle covers that she then used as piggy banks for all her pennies. Oh those were the days ^^

    • You see, I thought the poodle was a toilet roll cover but now that you have prompted me, I remember my Mum bought a ready made one and it had a bottle of something under it. Thank you Claire 😀

  6. witchylin

     /  June 14, 2012

    Thanks Avis, The book and comments brought back so many memories. We didn’t have a toilet roll cover but my Aunty did knit a poodle bottle cover. You used a toilet roll centre for the head of the poodle to go on top of the bottle. I think I still have a knitting booklet called Knitting for Bazaars. Granny squares are still in favour and the hat, as was pointed out, is a style that is still worn. Love your little bunny, it looks so cute, You could always do it again and add a tail then you will have a mouse as well. LOL.

    • So you know it is a bottle cover too Witchylin! If you find your book it will probably be from Patons wools too as I’m sure they brought new editions of these out at least once a year. Happy quilting 😀

  7. My maternal grandmother had a doll toilet paper roll cover. In her pink bathroom. I remember it distinctly!

  8. Oh, some memories do come back! I knitted egg cosies in yellow and blue. I even knitted a whole farm with sheeps, hens, cows and so on 🙂
    Last year we sold a poodle bottle cover at the church bazaar, so they still excist!
    Gun, Sweden

    • Yes, I remember seeing them for sale or as prizes at church fetes and charity sales but not recently. Well spotted Gun! 🙂

  9. basildonkitchens

     /  June 14, 2012

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane – We made those things too! It was how I learned to knit and crochet! I don’t love the color schemes, but everything old is new again…..

  10. I do remember most of those bizarre items. 🙂 We certainly were crafty and stylish for the era. 🙂

    • Now Jodi, for some reason I had you as much younger than me in my mind so I’m surprised you remember that time! We were definitely crafty and stylish…..well that’s what we thought anyway 😉

  11. What I find bizarre is that a lot of it is very similar to what is trendy to make now. Lots of tea cosie and egg cosies out there. Like someone else said, update the colour scheme and you are sorted. Wouldn’t dream of doing the loo roll dolly though!

    • witchylin

       /  June 14, 2012

      Me neither Patch. LOL

    • No, I’m not sure woollens go well in the loo either! I suppose cosies are great for new crafters and for very little outlay. Looks like we have a 40 year fashion cycle 🙂

  12. fabulous!! I remember flicking through my mum’s copy of these and she made sooooo many of them from the doll, the poodle ‘thing’ (what is that?), the loo roll cover and the dolls clothes. Well done on mousey!!!

    • That Poodle thing is a bottle cover! I couldn’t be bothered to make all those pom-poms for a poodle bottle cover 😉 In fact, I’d rather see the bottle he-he.

  13. Oh I remember so many of these from childhood!! Was the cross eyed lion called Clarence? I’m sure he was on TV, andthe shot would be double vision when he looked at something? My m-i-l still has a doll with a knitted dress for her spare loo roll. Thanks for the blast from the past!

    Ps where Did you get your [like] button?

    • Hi Benta and welcome! Yes, he was called Clarence 🙂 That was such a long time ago. The like button is part of the settings on this WordPress template. I didn’t added it myself. It was just there already. It does tell me how to turn it off in my settings. Maybe searching the “help” on your provider would assist. I am considering changing to “blogger” but haven’t made my mind up yet. Have a lovely day Avis x

  14. Conni

     /  August 7, 2012

    I absolutely love the Poodle! The TP Covers are now back in! I’ve sold so many and now making Christmas ones. I love love love Kitschy and I HAVE to make the Poodle…too cute!

    • I’m not keen myself but I know lots of people who love them and would buy them, especially hand made ones 🙂 Thank you for visiting Conni. Nice to meet you 😀 Avis x


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