70’s Revisited!

Hi everyone! A little nostalgia today 🙂

I bought three 100g balls of wool and a crochet hook from a lovely wool shop in Melrose in the Scottish Borders last year. We were away on a camping holiday and I just fancied doing a bit of crochet again as I hadn’t done any since the 70’s when I made a couple of tank tops. My mother wouldn’t buy me tank tops but they were the height of fashion so what was a girl supposed to do?! Well, Mum was always knitting something, so I managed to blag some of her scraps and taught myself how to crochet. No complex patterns or anything, just chains, doubles and trebles from what I can recall 🙂 The tank tops were just made up of two big rectangles for the back and front, the back was always taller than the front to form a neckline. Then another two rectangles were made to form wide shoulder straps from the top of the front, over the shoulder and joining to the top of the back. Once the pieces were stitched together, I crocheted double stitches in yet another contrasting colour all the way around the edge of the armholes and the neckline to finish. I was so hip and trendy, fab and groovy then 😆 Honestly, if I could find some photos, they’d be up here in all their glory. I’m telling you, you would need dark glasses.

Anyway, I decided to make some Granny Squares in the traditional 70’s style of contrasting colours and I showed you some of the results in my earlier post. Here is the finished result 🙂


I made a few squares while we were away but then the bag was put away in a cupboard when we returned. I don’t like having unfinished projects lying around. They are always either finished or in my head. I make things one at a time. So I was very surprised to find this bag of wool again and even more surprised to find a few ready made squares from last year. I had to finish what I’d started!


As you can see, I’ve added more squares, stitched them together and completed the chocolate border. Considering this entertainment cost me less than a fiver, I’m quite chuffed with it 🙂 I suppose it is just another form of patchwork really.


I’ve got a tiny ball of each of the cream and plum colours left and a little bit more of the chocolate. So the pattern worked out well for 300 grams of wool.

I did have it slung over the sofa but DH asked me to move it because it was hurting his eyes 😆

Night-night 🙂

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  1. Oh my, that brings back some kind of memories!!!! You did it well. And I DO LOVE those colors. A “granny square” top was a ‘must have’ to wear with your bell bottoms!!!! Thanks for the memories! Hugs, D

  2. I loved the 70’s – your granny square finish! The colors are great! Good Job!

  3. Looks great and am inspired – I may even get round to finishing my blanket one day. I like the idea of bigger squares in the middle. Less faff with starting off so many times! (Or does that just make me lazy?) 😀

    • Yes, I started with a larger one but got to the point where I thought I should stop or I would just end up with one bigger square. The less faff the better for me too 😀

  4. claire93

     /  May 24, 2012

    colour combination is definitely 70’s lol.
    And I had to laugh as 18 year old daughter has just left for school wearing what WE would have called “hot pants” . . . funny how fashion comes and goes and then comes back again

  5. Remembering my very young days, when I made a pullover with squares like this!!
    Great job and look forward to see your next projects.

  6. I have an afghan nearly identical to that…mine is turquoise where yours is pink. My grandmother made it for my dad and now I have it! This sure brings back lots of memories! Ahhh,,,to be back in the day for just a little while!

  7. I did a blanket like that, when I was younger. Though I used all the colours I could find in my mothers yarnbasket. It is now hanging on my rockingchair (grandma´s rockingchair that is).

  8. Thank you Avis for a funny moment! When I was young I crocheted but never grannie squares – when I started my blog I saw so many beautiful grannie blankets that I had to try. First I made a small blanket for Foxy with all the left overs I could find and then even bigger called ‘Nero’s blanket’ with hexagons and new yarns! Oh that was so much fun! There is so many ways to do ‘patchwork’! x Teje

  9. … me again …. I don’t understand when I want to leave a comment to you I’m logged to my ‘wrong’ blog even I haven’t been there in ages?! x Teje

  10. It looks great. I think it’s the “patchworkiness” of it that I love too.

  11. “gonky” !?! Love it! You will all have to put your sunglasses on!

  12. I love the colors and the different size squares! This is fabulous!


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