Please don’t all comment on this….one or two will do

Is anyone else having troubling loading the reader with their favourite blogs? I’m getting so behind as they just keep buffering 😦

A couple of supportive comments will be enough to let me know it isn’t just me…..or is it?

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  1. Report it!!!!! I have been having major problems with the reader loading for several weeks. I have reported it numerous times. I even get duplicate loadings. Am waiting to hear back from Staff/Support now (reported yesterday) cuz I cannot bring up the “Edit List” of ‘Blogs I Follow’ on the Reader. Someone else, apparently is having the same problem. The first thing you will be told is to make sure your cache/cookies are cleaned out (get rid of the stored “stuff” that accumulates over time of surfing). Keep us posted on this and I will do the same!!! Hope WP gets their act together soon!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Doreen 🙂 I put it to the bods too but haven’t had a reply. It must be some kind of ongoing fault. My cache clears automatically so I haven’t got that problem. OK, I’ll watch and wait. I can go through the dashboard but that is much more time consuming. Thank you 🙂 Have a lovely weekend! Avis x

      No need for any more comments from anyone else. I’m happy that I’m not doing anything wrong 🙂

  2. At work I can’t access it. At home I can. Today I just had issues with pictures on some blogs not loading.

  3. Elisabeth

     /  May 13, 2012

    Me too! Thanks for your nice words on my entry!


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