Two pieces of news!

Firstly, my sister is coming to visit on Thursday and we are going to sew, Yey!!

We are planing to make a baby quilt for her new Granddaughter’s pushchair. She has bought some really cute fabric called Precious Moments which we will use in one piece for the front. The back will probably be a solid colour so the quilting can be seen. My sister will attach the binding to the front by machine and then hand stitch it to the back. I haven’t made a quilt that isn’t made up of patches before so this one could be a quick project 🙂 I’ll let you see photos when it is finished. Must put the cake in the oven…..nearly forgot!

Secondly, I have been given the Kreativ Blogger Award by Amy who is up to all kinds of crafty things. She writes about her work, hobbies, entertaining her niece and all sorts of other things. So pop over and take a look at her blog. Thank you very much Amy! I’m so chuffed again 🙂

Now, as part of my acceptance I agreed to tell you some “interesting” facts about me. Still giggling about the “interesting” bit!!!

Here goes:

1. My favourite food is chips. The best ones are home-made and chunky. Nom-nom! However, I never make them in the house because DH doesn’t like the smell 😦

2. I love maths 🙂 and anything remotely mathematical.

3. I detest housework and consider it a waste of time unless I can see a big difference when it’s finished.

4. I understand French much better than I speak it.

5. I have never seen a film all the way through.

6. I wish I could draw and/or paint.

7. None of my friends know that I write this blog.

And the final part is to nominate other worthy blogs. Here are my nominations:

1. Nero’s post and Patch where Teje makes gorgeous patchwork and quilted items in the sun. She writes with such warmth and I enjoy every post. There are many photos of her very clever dogs and cats included.

2. Ekhaugli I stumbled across this blog through one of the bikers I nominated for the Liebster Blog Award. I’m so glad I did. This lady lives on top of the world! The photographs of her surroundings are stunning. She also has a galllery where she displays her beautiful collages.

3. Connie makes wonderful quilts! She has also taught me so much about maple syrup. I don’t want to say too much about this one. I think you should just go and enjoy the blog. I do 🙂

4. Jackybeertje This blog is from a lady living in Hawaii. Her quilts are stunning and I love her photo tutorials. It is time everyone else enjoyed them too!

5. Claire who does the most exquisite cross stitch in France. She also has a blog in French! Well worth a peek.

6. Momssewingroom This one has lovely free motion and hand quilting as well as lots of lovely homely projects. Go and see for yourself!

7. Sew Sane Jane Check this one out for some gorgeous applique and other sewing projects.

Thanks again to Amy who cracks me up with her niece’s cookery lessons 🙂

Happy stitching everyone! Avis x

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  1. claire93

     /  April 3, 2012

    well done on another award ^^
    and look forward to seeing the Precious Moments quilt you make with your sister. I bought a quilt panel (with gorgeous teddy bears) to make one new baby in the family (I’m a great aunt since March) but I haven’t plucked up the courage to tackle it yet.

    • Yes, it’ll be a great opportunity for a good natter if nothing else. I know we’ll end up giggling hysterically. We always do when we get together 🙂 I look forward to seeing your quilt too. The trouble is, babies grow up so quickly!

  2. I noticed you linked to my Dutch blog and not to sew elegant. Not sure how many who will click that link will be able to read Dutch.
    Thanks again for nominating me.

  3. Congratulations and Thank You so much for passing this award to me and Nero!
    This Was really interesting – thank you for a happy laugh! You never finished a movie? Your friends don’t know anything about your secret life? I agree so much with the 1. and 3. But maths … before I read your post I knew that I shall write how I love letters and words! Chips is my second favourite – chocolate is still number 1!
    Thank you again! x Teje

  4. You are both very welcome! I suppose I could have chips followed by chocolate 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your award 🙂

  6. Linda Sunderland

     /  April 4, 2012

    Many congratulations on your award.

    So you are a matyhsaholic just like me. Perhaps that is why patchwork fits in so well as a craft. It does require some maths and counting.

  7. Thank you Linda. Yes, I think layer cakes and charm packs etc. have made patchwork much more accessible to non-mathematicians but you still need to be able to calculate for binding and backing I suppose 🙂 Thank you for visiting and following my blog!

  8. Can I ask why you have never seen a whole film?? There are certain films that Mr Patch likes that I never see all of … because I fall asleep every time they are on!!!! And since November 2011 I’ve never seen a whole film because I am crocheting ( I listen, I don’t watch). Are you busy too or do you fall asleep, like me????

    • I just don’t have time to watch or I get bored after a few minutes or I think “Do I really want to give an hour and a half of my time to this?” So I go off and make snacks or tea or, as I did yesterday, bake 🙂 I would be happier to read a book. They grab my attention better I think 🙂 Trouble is I’m always dreaming up what crafty things to do next so I’m easily distracted from a film. Even as a child, my mother had me knitting or making and doing instead of watching 🙂 Have a lovely day!

  9. Well done on your award, it is nice to hear there is another lover of maths out there! If you like maths and reading, may I suggest The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa it is such a beautiful little book. That along with Popco by Scarlett Thomas are my favourite mathematical novels.

    • Thank you very much! i really do enjoy reading but my crafting is taking over at the moment 🙂
      Both my daughter an DH have read Popco and they enjoyed it. I hadn’t heard of the Ogawa one but it looks interesting too. Another to-do list created 🙂 I really enjoyed The Man Who Loved Only Numbers. I picked up a second hand copy quite cheaply and I think it is now out of print. I’ll definitely read it again. Avis x


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