Shhhhh! It’s a secret!

Hi everyone, I haven’t been able to sew at all today because we’ve had another power cut 😦 

Anyway, sometime ago I hinted to my blogging friend Teje that she had inspired me to make something but that it would be a while before I made it. I didn’t really want to give any secrets away about what I’m planning to create, so please don’t tell her I’m asking you all how to do this……. shhh, no telling 😉

The project, in my head, requires me to attach beads to a quilt. I have searched all over the internet and can’t get an answer to my question, which is:

Do I attach beads to a quilt before it is backed and quilted or after everything else has been finished? My first thought on this was to sew them on at the end but that might create an unsightly mess on the back. However, if I sew them on before the backing is attached, the wadding will be falling off the quilt top while I’m stitching. Have you ever attached beads to your quilts?

Any advice greatly appreciated as always 🙂

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  1. I’ve seen lots of quilts with buttons attached and I think they are done afterwards, as part of the quilting (but I might be wrong!)? Like tied quilts? Where the quilting just ties the front through to the back?? I guess it depends on how beady (technical terms here!) you want it to be, or the type of beading design you want to do. If its only the odd bead here and there then all the way through would be ok but if it’s encrusted then maybe before the back goes on?? I think you would have to sew them to the quilt top before attaching the wadding. Just my thoughts. Can’t wait to see what you are up to!!

    • Why didn’t I think of attaching to the quilt top first??
      Without giving too much away for other comments (if there are any) I won’t be adding lots but not just here and there either. Thank you 🙂

  2. Thanks for following my blog. 🙂
    About your question – I’ve done some beading before instead of quilting, sewing through all the layers. The backside looks quite decent. You might also want to sew on the beads afterwards to avoid problems with quilting around the beads. Just stitch them on through the top layer.

  3. Teje

     /  April 1, 2012

    … I didn’t hear anything …

    • He-he! Keep those ears covered Teje…..and Nero’s too. I know he can talk and he may let the secret out 🙂

      • Teje

         /  April 2, 2012

        Don’t worry, Nero can keep the secrets, but Hanna comes always to tell me if Nero is doing something that he shouldn’t – like licking his toe or scratching his ears. x Teje

  4. You have beautiful quilts. I thought I’d pass on a couple of websites for you: – Anna is an amazing textile artist and has won quite a few contests for her quilts in Canada and internationally. She might have some advice for sewing beads on your quilts and her website is very inspiring. And I’m opening a gallery and some of my latest collage pieces are inspired by traditional quilting.. but of course, I use paper (and sew on it :-)). my other website is Glad Stevie D made this connection. Looking forward to being inspired!

    • Thank you very much! I’ll take a look at those sites tonight. I would like to try paper piecing some time myself. I have tried foundation piecing before where you sew onto a backing cloth which gives very precise results 🙂 There are differing opinions on how to sew the beads at the moment. That gives me plenty of scope for the project I have in mind.

  5. Hi Avis,

    I haven’t sewn beads onto a quilt before, but I’d do it after it’s been backed & quilted. When hand sewing the beads on, rather than taking your needle through all thicknesses, I’d only go through the top & batting and then bring it back up. That way, you won’t see any sewing on the back of the quilt. Hope that makes sense! Amy x

    • That’s a good idea Amy. Thanks for sharing! I suppose it is difficult to comment when I’m not describing the project 🙂 It could be some time before I even start this one. There are so many projects in my head. Every time i see another blog i get more ideas….. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Avis x

  6. If you are oing a straight line of beads (or lots of them, to write a name, or colour in an area) you can put all the beads for one line onto a thread, then lay it in place, then do tiny whip stitches between each bead to hold the line down. Does that make sence? Email me if you want a diagram or more detail.

    • Thank you very much. This makes perfect sense! I’m so pleased you found my blog. I’ve just had a look at your creations. Fantastic 🙂


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