Ooh lovely! My two new quilting books have arrived :-)

Hurray! These two books have been on my wish list for ever! I finally bought them with some Christmas present money and they arrived today. I love Eleanor Burns books because they are so clearly written and easy to follow for lots of quilt sizes and designs. I think I now know what I’ll be using some of my Moda remnants for 🙂

I used her Log Cabin book a while ago and her piecing methods are really quick. She also gives good  instructions for rotary cutting and even tells you how to organise your piles of patches or strips ready for sewing together.

Unfortunately, the day job has to take over again for a few weeks. Quilting and blogland may have to take a back seat 😦

However, I will post some pics of the triangles quilt which I’ve just completed in my next post.

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