Welcome to my world of patchwork and quilting!

In future, I would love to share photos and details of my latest patchwork and quilting projects. In the meantime, I have made several quilt tops ready for quilting and will be finishing them over the next few months. I’ve just finished this one today. It is the first one I’ve ever done from design to quilting myself.  It is pictured here with the binding laid around the edge before I quilted it. I am new to blogging so would welcome any hints and tips you may have.

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  1. OK Avis, I give up. How do you put links on your blog. You seem to manage it with consummate ease but I’ve been trying for days. Help!!(please).

    • Hi Stevie,
      Go to http://en.support.wordpress.com/links/
      and scroll down to where it says “How to create links in a post or page” at the left hand side. It gives a picture of the screen in use. Just get back to me if you continue to have a problem. I must admit, winning the award forced me to learn how to do this. I’m no expert 🙂
      Sorry this is a bit late. I’ve been at work today!

    • Oh…..and a bit further down that page there is a video which is brilliant showing you how to do it (in case you are a visual learner 😉 )


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