Fabric Archeology

The scrap bag was just about to split or overflow, so today was the day when I felt the need to sort it out before the bag bio-degrades. This is my pale collection of bits and pieces that are too small for current projects or larger leftovers from previous ones. 

I don’t have storage boxes for different coloured scraps like other quilters seem to find so useful because I would probably find the odd dead or alive house spider in there and wouldn’t like that very much! I prefer to put my pieces in large freezer bags, the ones which have a grip seal strip and the only criteria used for this big bag is that the fabric must be pale coloured.

It has been quite an interesting and very relaxing day. Now I know why some people are fascinated by archeology. Looking back through this bag of goodies has reminded me of projects past. I remember where I bought the fabrics and who I went to the fabric shop or quilt show with. Some designs were bought on the internet and I’d saved details of the sellers for future reference.  All in all, today has served up a potted history of my last year or so of quilting.

So these pieces are all freshly pressed and chopped but most still have selvedge edges, so although it looks like a tidy pile, there is still much preparation needed before they can be turned into something nice.

How the darker bits managed to find their way into the “pale bag” I’ll never know!

I do love those Michael Miller hedgehogs! but they don’t scream “pale” to me. Nor do the red polka dots.

So, quite a bit of work has been done but there is still plenty left on this lot. There’s some quite big bits in here!

These ones on the right are a much thicker cotton, a bit like canvas. I can feel a pencil case or two coming on here :-)

Did this really all come out of one bag?? Yes!

Well, it may seem to some readers like a waste of a day and, at this stage, I agree because it hasn’t been too creative. However, it is the preparation that is the most important step for any project. I’ve had lots of time to be creative in my head and now have numerous ideas for using up this goody bag AND it was like rummaging through my own personal treasure chest!

There are several projects to keep me busy for quite some time in one bag of scraps and I didn’t have to spend one penny. Also, I wouldn’t dare go and buy more fabric today as I know DH has squirrelled away some Moda charm packs for my birthday. Roll on Tuesday :-)


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